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Your home lacks personality? Your decor is cold and lacks warmth?

We would like to help you use to its maximum the potential of your residence to give you the most well-being daily, according to your own needs and your lifestyle. Because I deeply believe that everyone deserves a home that looks like them and where it feels good to live.

Have you ever bought a couch that you find gorgeous in a furniture store, but that is gigantic once in your living room?

The furniture’s proportions are really important in the arrangement of your decor. Too big furniture will make the room seem oppressive and narrow, you will not feel comfortable. You will learn key tricks to arrange well an open space.

Have you already painted a room twice because the color you chose was way too intense?

Harmonizing colors is a science. Discover the most beautiful tints used by designers and how to highlight a room depending on the desired effect.

Your house is never tidied like you’d wish? You feel overwhelmed by the accumulation or by the lack of organization at your home?

Our experts of the field will help you use simple, effective and sustainable over time storage tips ! No way we’d restart the organization each season.

Have you ever made a costly mistake in a decoration or renovation project? And now you hesitate when it comes to taking decisions?

With the harmony tips, the theories on colors and the best tricks from top designers that we will teach you, you’ll find back your trust in yourself to make justified design choices.

Have you ever hired a decorator only to be deceived by the result? It didn’t represent your personality?

We will teach you how to define your style according to your tastes and needs, so you’ll be able to create your own decor at your image.


Design and Well-being

Learn to transform your house in a true well-being place.

The ”Design and Well-being” membership will give you knowledge and tools to:

  • Create a home at your image with simple tips and tricks that are easily realized
  • Make color choices in complete confidence
  • Improve your house’s energy to feel rested and in peace
  • And more!

Here is what the membership includes


A new theme each month

Each month, you’ll have access to a long live formation offered by Jessica Locas and invited experts. Each month will have its theme (see below). Each theme will be accompanied by a PDF resumed guide.

Here are the subjects touched in the next months:

The office

Is your office arranged in a way that stimulates productivity? Create an office corner where you are eager to install yourself.

Open space

How to divide an open air space according to each function, how to choose furniture that fits. How to decorate without overstocking. PDF guide included

Feng Shui 1

How to maximize your home’s energy to gain a better health and a happier family life. Invited expert.

Holistic design

Learn how to improve our interior with Garden Therapy, essential oils and crystals.

Decorating walls

What to do with big and small walls? A good designer never leaves a wall empty. PDF Guide


Learning to create a corner for ourselves, our own hobbies and for us to rest.

Feng Shui 2

How to arrange the bedroom for a perfect harmony. Tips to attract love. Invited expert.

And way more

Numerous other themes are on the menu! Each month, a new theme will be approached and explored by experts.

A network to answer your questions

A network to answer your questions

With your membership, you’ll have access to the private Facebook group ” Design and Well-being”. It’s a judgment-free space to gather inspiration, ask questions and share with other members of the community.

Lacking inspiration for your renovation project? The community will be there to inspire you.

You need feedback on your last realization? The community will be there to help you.

And of course, the whole Locas Design team will be present in the group to share, answer your questions and celebrate your successes!


As a bonus with the annual membership

Complete formation on the color choices

Taught by : Jessica Locas

The color program is a complete formation that is divided in 6 modules. This super complete formation covers all the concrete and key techniques to modulate space using color tips. How to make a room appear larger? How to make an enveloping ambience. How to make the ceiling appear higher!

By mastering this information, you will be able to understand well and apply correctly the colors in your decoration projects. (Value of 299$-Free with the annual membership)

Monthly membership


New formation each month
PDF guide
Facebook community

$19.99 / monthAdd to cart

Annual membership


Most popular choice
(amounts to 15$/month)

New formation each month
PDF Guide
Facebook community
Access to the complete formation’s 6 modules on color choices.
(Value of 299$)

$199.99 / 12 monthsAdd to cart

Who is Jessica Locas?

Famous designer

Jessica Locas

My biggest passions in life are houses, design and well being. I wish to live everyday in happiness and now I know that it is found mostly in design! Since 10 years, I am in the interior and industrial design field, I visited your houses, transformed your interiors, created custom made products, all this in order to help you.

My mission is to help you use to its maximum the potential of your residence to give you the most well-being daily I sincerely believe that everyone deserves a home that resembles them and in which it is pleasant to live.

It’s for this reason that I share with you my tricks and knowledge that I learned in my 10 last years. Products and services are for design enthusiasts that would like to lean more than what we find in decoration magazines, but that don’t want to necessarily go back to school in order the make a complete course in design.

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