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What is a design box?

Have you ever bought a couch that you find gorgeous in a furniture store, but that is gigantic once in your living room?

Have you already painted a room twice because the color you chose was way too intense?

Do you still have the same furniture that you had when you were in University? You tell yourself that it is maybe time to have an adult house?

Are you and your partner unable to decide on a decor and layout style that will suit both of you?

If you recognize yourself in one of those situations, know that an interior designer can avoid you all this trouble.

In fact, hiring an interior designer gives you a panoply of advantages:

  • Time saving
  • Money saving
  • Stress reduction
  • Avoiding installing outmoded materials
  • Obtaining the desired WOW effect
  • Having access to the best design addresses

Maybe you think that you don’t have the means to pay 2000$ to 3000$ for a designer to help you. You prefer to use the money that would go into fees and inject it in your renovation/decoration budget to have more possibilities and create an extraordinary decor!!!

You would like to have access to a designer while saving money? Well, I created the design box for you!!

In fact, it’s a simple, effective and virtual solution. You answer a short survey and the designer will present to you a decorative quote and plans to improve you interior. You gain a money and a time economy, but you don’t lose the quality of a seasoned designer’s work, which is rare to find at such a low price!

I offer the design box at a reduced price to help as many people as possible to use to its maximum the potential of their residence to give them the most well-being daily. Because I sincerely believe that everyone deserves a home that resembles them and where it is pleasant to live.

*Warning, the Design box doesn’t apply to custom made furniture conceptions and kitchen or bathroom arrangement projects.

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Master bedroom sketch
Deco bed pillow

How does it work?



  • Fill a survey on your needs
  • Give the measurements of your room
  • Provide pictures of the space
  • Provide inspiration pictures (Pinterest)
  • Answer our questions in the process


  • 3D drawing of the room
  • Layout plan with the furniture
  • Coloration choice
  • Furniture choice
  • Accessories selection
  • Lamps selection
  • Window dressing suggestion
  • Materials choice
  • Shopping list

Choose your project.

The box is delivered virtually, you’ll receive everything it includes by email.
  • valeur de 650$ 299$

  • valeur de 850$ 499$
    Prix de lancement
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  • valeur de 850$ 499$
    Prix de lancement
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  • valeur de 1150$ 699$
  • e

  • valeur de 850$ 499$
    Prix de lancement
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  • valeur de 650$ 299$
    Prix de lancement
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  • valeur de 650$ 299$
  • a

  • valeur de 1150$ 699$
    Prix de lancement
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  • valeur de 1150$ 699$
    Prix de lancement
  • a


Frequent questions


How will I receive my box?

You’ll receive everything included in the box virtually, at the email address you’ll have given. It’ll include quotes, sketches, colors choice, plans as mentioned in the different packages.

If I am not satisfied with the choices, can I ask for a refund?

When you fill the form, you precise your tastes and your needs, so it is unlikely that the design proposition doesn’t suit you. But if it is the case, you can ask for a free revision, specifying what you like and what you like less in the proposition.

Am I obligated to take my room’s measurements?

If you chose the options The Colored or The Pimped, no it is not necessary to take measurements, only pictures of the room will suffice. If you chose The Make-Over, yes you’ll have to make a sketch and add the room’s dimensions.

How do you proceed to make color choices without being present in the place to judge of the ambience and lighting?

With my 8 years of experience in design, I developed an eye to know if there is presence of pink, green or blue, per example, in a color. I am able to judge of the influence of the color’s perception when I analyze on pictures the elements that are present in a room. I also already used several paint colors and I know the results they make on a wall, I am therefore able to find colors that you will like according to your needs.

How long will it take to fill the form?

Around 30 minutes for The Make-Over, otherwise fifteen minutes or so for the other packages.

Who is Jessica Locas?

I have 8 years of experience in the interior design practice and am an interior design and product design graduate. I realized very stimulating projects one after the other, starting by simple decoration contracts, until the arrangement of luxurious kitchens and vast interiors.

My mission is to help you use to its maximum the potential of your residence to give you the most well-being daily, according to your own needs and your lifestyle. Because I sincerely believe that everyone deserves a home that resembles them and where it is pleasant to live. This is why I created the Design Box.

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