It’s morning, you’re getting ready in your bathroom and you are gathering the energy to live a positive and successful day.
At night, you take time to unwind and prepare for a night of restful sleep.

In western feng shui, the bathroom is a vital centre, just as the kitchen or the bedroom, since we gather there the needed energy daily. It is the essential room where we take care of ourselves, both on the physical and emotional plans. However, badly layed out, it will have a negative impact on the whole home and your energy level.

Your interior designer is the one that you need to create your dream bathroom. If you want to arrange it in a way that is in harmony with the feng shui philosophy, integrate these fundamental principles :


First tenet to integrate into your bathroom layout  : CHOOSING THE RIGHT LOCATION

When creating a whole new construction or renovating a house, know that a bathroom should be placed far from the center of the habitation.
See with your interior designer what can be done. Indeed, feng shui aims to harmonize the home’s energies and favor the residents’ well being. The water flow that characterizes this room represents the loss of vital energy and could cause health problems. Placed near the center of the house, it could impact negatively all the rooms (areas) of the home. To verify on the plans.



Second tenet to integrate into your bathroom layout : RESPECTING THE ENERGY FLOW

The energy flowing through the rooms affect yourwell being. Too dynamic, it can create tension and tiredness. Too low, it can generate a boredom, a lack of drive.
In the bathroom, the energy that circulates between the door and the window is very dynamic. If your bath is right in the middle of it, you may find yourself not wanting to stay in it for long and not being well rested afterwards. There are remedies for this: installing a veil on the window to calm the energy and/or placing a houseplant near the bath.


Third tenet to integrate into your bathroom layout : PROMOTING A CONTROL POSITION

In western feng shui, the control position consists in having a view on the door when laying in the bath, which gives an impression of security. If it isn’t possible to see the door, place a large mirror in a way that makes the door visible.
Same thing with the sinks, you should be able to see the door when standing in front of them.


Fourth tenet to integrate into your bathroom layout  : SUSPENDING FURNITURE

Suspended furniture limits the clutter on the floor and therefore optimizes the energy flow. The laundry basket should be hidden. Your interior designer will make sure that every energy stagnation areas will be avoided when creating your bathroom design.


Fifth tenet to integrate into your bathroom layout : FAVORING A GOOD SELF-IMAGE

It is in this bathroom that you’ll take care of your image and will feed an impression of well-being. You will consecrate time to yourself and tank up on energy that will unfold in your body all day.

Favor large mirrors. If the mirrors are too small, they represent a depreciated self-image. Always keeping in mind the feng shui bathroom, avoid mirrors shaped in squares or several pieces, which give a fragmented image of yourself and therefore don’t contribute to a good self-image.
Avoid placing mirrors facing the toilet. In feng shui, mirrors multiply energies and thus the waste of energy of the toilet.



Sixth tenet to integrate to your bathroom layout : BEARING A SOFT AND WARM AMBIENCE

The bathroom is a well-being space where we take care of both our body and mind. Then, it must inspire relaxation and harmony. Observe what you feel when you are in your bathroom. If you don’t want to spend time there and you don’t find calm in it, it means that changes in your bathroom layout and design should probably be considered.

In western feng shui, white is a suitable color for a bathroom’s decoration since it represents purity, cleanliness and hygiene. However, it might be too cold and prevent relaxation. A few ceramic tiles of warm tones will heat the ambience a bit. Accessories will be chosen in the same spirit. The decorative niches planned by your designer will be able to hold a wooden shelf. Wood is used in feng shui to temperate the energy losses.

A good balance between shaped and materials will contribute to harmony. A too angular layout would bring too much dynamism, while round shapes would bring softness. Favor smooth materials to facilitate maintenance.

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Seventh tenet to integrate into your bathroom layout : EFFECTIVE VENTILATION

Since the bathroom is the most moist room of the house, it is imperative for it to be well ventilated in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere and allow a good air flow. The door should however be closed, as well as the toilet seat. It is a feng shui tenet that aims at slowing down the energy losses.

Open often the window to aerate in a optimal way. If the bathroom is neighboring the bedroom, those principles are even more important since the moist ambience charged with stagnant energy could negatively impact your sleep.


Eight tenet to integrate into your bathroom layout : DOSING WELL THE LIGHT

Light, it’s vital energy. If your bathroom configuration allows it, favor as much as possible natural light.
Lamps will be chosen carefully to bring a soft and warm light at strategical places : above the sink, near the mirror. It’s a matter of not overdoing it since water and electricity (fire in feng shui) aren’t a good match.

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In conclusion

Feng shui is an ancestral art that finds its origins in China. Occident found inspiration in this philosophy and created a feng shui that was more adapted to our environment and mentalities. Western feng shui aims at harmonizing the energy flow in the home and in each room in order to positively affect its residents daily. As we saw it, rules concerning the layout and decoration of the bathroom allow a balance between dynamic energies (yang) and calmer ones (yin).

Text autor :

Stéphanie Brimont Thirriard, interior organizer

Funder of Maison & Harmonie




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