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Bathroom Designer St-Bruno

Bathroom remodeling service in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

Our achievements

You want a professional service and references of competent workers?

We believe you have better things to do than look for the best references for your bathroom project in St-Bruno. With our expertise, we have found the best contractors who are reliable, professional, punctual and meticulous. Our bathroom renovation contractor is located in St-Bruno. For our bathroom design and renovation services, we cover the entire South Shore of Montreal.

Do you want a high-end bathroom that reflects your image?

We love to push the boundaries of design to create original and luxurious concepts. We have completed numerous bathroom renovation projects in St-Bruno. We’re ready for new challenges, just give us a call!

You want to have the expertise of a designer to ensure a wow effect?

We take on new bathroom projects every week, so we know at our fingertips the best fittings and materials to use that are easy to maintain. We are always on the lookout for new trends to innovate in each of our projects.

Would you like VIP service to avoid wasting time shopping?

Between your professional life, your family life and your social life, do you really want to visit different suppliers for your project (cabinetmaker, contractor, glazier, ceramic store and countertop)? Working with our team will save you a lot of shopping time because we do it for you. We work with the best bathroom project suppliers on Montreal’s South Shore.

We are an interior design agency in St-Bruno specializing in bathroom design and major renovations.

Famous designer

Jessica Locas

When I was a kid, my greatest wish was to store at Ikea. It was a heavenly day for me and I was buying new items for my room. Then, studies made me leave my parents’ home at the age of 17 and since then, I have moved 7 times! I love moving since it’s the perfect excuse to do new decorating projects! My favorite part is to paint to see the effect of the colors that I carefully choose. I did such a wonder of my apartments that each time I left them, the owners could rent it in one or two visits at most, and they even allowed themselves to raise the rent because of the high demand!! That’s when I said to myself that I had to invest in real estate! With some doors to my credit, I love to take care of my housings and I put my finger in the pie. I am able to do renovations myself, so it is easy for me to advise you well in your projects.

I have 8 years of experience practicing interior design and have degrees in interior design and product design. I have completed one very challenging project after another, starting with simple decorating contracts, to the design of luxurious kitchens and large interiors.

My mission is to help you use the maximum potential of your home to provide you with more well-being on a daily basis, according to your own needs and lifestyle. Because I deeply believe that everyone deserves a home that looks like them and where it feels good to live.

Why choose us?

Apdq Designer

You are dealing with one of the most qualified design teams on the market and a member of the Professional Association of Interior Designers of Quebec.

Montreal best designer

We won the 2020 and 2021 Consumer Choice Award because we go above and beyond in every project.

By choosing our team, you have access to our best contractor, cabinetmaker and installer references to carry out your project without worries.

How it works working with a designer

Our team is here to accompany you during all the design process. The first step to working with us is to schedule a meeting at your home. Then, we work on your project’s conception according to your needs. We realize all the technical and 3D plans for the realization and construction of the project. Then, we refer you to our construction team to implement your project.

Initial meeting

Whether it is virtual or in person, during this meeting we will ask you several questions about your tastes and needs. We carry out a measurement on site.


We put our first ideas in the form of a moodboard of inspiration that will influence us for the design of your project. A few preliminary layout options are realized.


Virtually, we are already presenting our first ideas to make sure the project is aligned in the right direction.


Following your suggestions, we carry out the other stages of design in more detail (elevations, plans, 3D perspective, choice of materials)

Final presentation

This step is the unveiling of the project or your dream comes true!

Technical Specifications

Once the concept is approved, we finalize some technical details and hand over the construction plans to our suppliers.


You have everything in hand to realize your project, if you do not have a contractor and a cabinetmaker to take charge of your project, we will be happy to suggest one.

And way more

We’re never far away if you have questions. Do not hesitate to write us about the progress of the project!


To gather materials


To specify technical details


To view the result

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