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The luxury bathroom

About the project

This ambitious renovation gives this bathroom a classic feel, while adding a touch of modernity and personalization, reflecting the unique character of the owners. The result is a bold design with a moody atmosphere and undeniable charm, just like Jessica Locas Design!

After careful consideration and the examination of several layout plans, the decision was made to create two separate vanities, freeing up space for an arched opening that invites you to discover this massive 8-foot-long shower, with two showerheads and LED lights integrated into the niche. It features porcelain with the latest travertine effect on the walls, as well as a custom Dekton base.

The bathroom space was sensibly enlarged by integrating the previously neglected adjacent hallway, which was transformed into a make-up corner with a bespoke piece of furniture in stained oak, designed with integrated lights, and a large storage cabinet, also bespoke.

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