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You just acquired a new property? You wish to sell? You are a real estate investor or you simply need a fresh wind in your home? Our team is there to energize your interior and to make its full potential come out. Depending on your projects and budget, we propose these services: 


Have you been thinking about renovating your kitchen for years? Running out of storage? You dream of a functional and bright kitchen at a price that makes sense. We help you create the kitchen of your dreams without having to deal with technical challenges. We work with reliable, competent and professional suppliers. We take care of the realization of the project: from taking measurements to monitoring the installation.


Do you want to furnish your bathroom with a unique look adapted to your needs, but you don't know where to start? Do you want to have the designer touch that makes all the difference in a project? And you don't have time to deal with all that! Our team takes care of designing designs that look like you and that you will be proud of.

Major renovation

Do you like pretty houses, but interior design is not an area that you master 100%? Have you just bought a property that needs major renovations? Our team helps you customize your home and manage all the challenges of the construction process. We rearrange the entire plans to optimize the design. We also help you with the choice of materials, lighting, plumbing, home automation, window coverings, furniture and accessories.

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My mission is to help you use the maximum potential of your home to provide you with more well-being on a daily basis.

Frequent questions

The decorators are true style enthusiasts. They do decoration mandates
such as color choices, furniture selection, and decor selection. The
interior designers, on the other hand, have recognized training and work on
mandates where there are changes in the configuration of the space. Interior designers
carry out kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and major renovations.

The first step to working with our team is to contact us by phone (514-884-9838) or by email ( with a description of your project.

We will evaluate with you if we are the right team to help you and we will give you an outline of our procedure. Then, we will schedule a 1 hour in-home appointment with one of our designers.

During the in-home meeting, we take the time to understand your needs and your project in depth and then we take measurements. Following the home visit, we present you with a fixed-price service offer for the rest of the project.

Our services include the realization of two options of layout plans, the realization
of elevations and 3-dimensional views, the choice of materials, the choice of furniture and
decoration and the realization of technical plans (lighting plans, construction plans and
bespoke furniture plans).

The deadlines for carrying out a bathroom project are 4 weeks. To make a
larger project such as a kitchen or major renovations, deadlines
are 6 to 8 weeks. We are known for being fast and efficient in
management of our projects.

In each project, we include a preliminary phase and a modification phase to
At the end of the process. Once the modifications have been made and the final and technical plans
additional adjustments will be charged by the hour. In addition, if the original mandate
changes (for example, you decide to expand the house instead of configuring a floor)
additional charges will apply.

For the follow-up of the site, we do a lot of work remotely by answering to
workers by email and telephone. We also carry out the follow-up and management of
deliveries. We will visit the site 1 to 3 times when necessary.

It is not specifically Jessica who will be on site for your project, but she oversees
all current design projects. She will therefore be aware of your project and will make sure
to deliver a project that meets your expectations. All projects are approved by
We choose the designer who will be assigned to your project according to her expertise and
specialty. We have expert designers in kitchen and bathroom projects, as well as
than more experienced designers to carry out major renovation projects.

Yes, our strength is to offer a quality service from the beginning of the conception to the end of the project.
final realization of the project. Once the design is completed and approved by the client, we
transfer the project to our cabinetmaker and general contractor to complete the project.
We are present during this process to carry out the purchases and the follow-up of building site.

The cost for the first in-home meeting is $285 (additional fees may apply).
apply depending on where you live). Following this meeting, we write an offer
of service for your needs and the design steps we have to perform. This offer
is a lump sum and is adapted to each project. To give you an idea, our rate
hourly rate is $110.

We have clients throughout the Greater Montreal area. Our office is located in
Brossard and we travel as far as Varennes, Beloeil, Chambly and Saint-Jean-sur-
Richelieu. We also have a work team that covers the North Shore, i.e. Laval,
Blainville and Saint-Eustache. For customers who live outside of this area, we
offer virtual services, the client must then provide us with the plans of his house or
take a measurement.

Ideally, you should contact a designer for your project 6 months before the desired date
renovations. It is estimated that it takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete the design phase and

then 2 to 3 weeks to get the bids. In addition, it is necessary to place the orders
of furniture, materials and fixtures at least 3 months in advance.

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We exist to remind people that everyone deserves a home that resembles them to live in harmony and well-being, to enjoy the pleasures of life and share moments of joy with their loved ones. We stand out for the quality of our deliverables and the respect of our commitments.


We are the fairies of renovation, we inspire beauty, harmony and well-being. We enhance the richness of real estate across Canada with our colorful, warm and refined designs.


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