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Nathalie Gendron

When I decided to renovate the bathroom in my condo, I hired the Jessica Locas Design team and I am so glad I did! Valerie Dewald is excellent! She understood my tastes and needs very well and proposed a design plan that respected my budget. I really liked the presentation of the 3D plan that allows you to visualize what the project will look like when it is finished.
I also felt well supported throughout the project. My questions were answered quickly and Sarah Bherer followed up closely on the orders to ensure that all materials were delivered on time. A golden team! I warmly recommend Jessica Locas Design!

Jeanne-Marie Charbonneau

Valerie is a friendly, sweet and available designer. She understood our needs and expectations. She is open to suggestions and respects her clients’ preferences. We are very pleased with the design she did for us and look forward to realizing the vision she had for our basement.

Christèle Auvirchio

We really enjoyed our collaboration with Jessica. She is very responsive, listening to our desires and she also knew how to make very interesting suggestions that we finally retained. She is also a charming person and we would use her services again without hesitation. We highly recommend it!

Vincent Francou

Excellent service. Listening to the needs. Original ideas. We are delighted with the final result of the renovations in our home. We recommend the services of Jessica Locas if you want a successful, realistic project that reflects your image. Thank you Jessica and Valerie!

Dalila Ghadfa

Jessica gave us exceptional service! She is a good listener and gives good advice. Its service offer is well detailed and also respected. She recommended the products we needed and included them in our project plan. We have other projects and we will definitely call on Jessica.

Jean-Habib Mimassi

Jessica worked on a decoration project for our apartment (ground floor of a duplex) and we are very satisfied. Jessica adapted perfectly to us, our budget, the location and the result is superb. Our apartment is absolutely more beautiful and more pleasant to live in.

Brigitte Aubé

Jessica was able to meet our needs. She listens and offers sound advice. She was able to infuse an air of modernity while keeping the soul of the 30’s of our house. I will not hesitate to contact her again.

Sylvie Gagnon

I highly recommend Jessica. I started with an in-home consultation and then had him prepare an estimate. In every way, it met and exceeded my expectations. Excellent service thereafter, for problems out of control, she never gave up. Good continuity Jessica… I’m sure we’ll meet again for another room in the house.

Anne-Marie Boisvert

Impressive plan and quote. The company listens to its customers’ needs and offers innovative options. Our bathroom now has a new signature, practical and design.

Fatima Halimi

We are very satisfied with Valerie’s work and she prepared design plans for several rooms in our new home. She understood our tastes and preferences and presented us with a plan that took us out of our comfort zone while respecting our requests. We recommend the services of Jessica Locas Design.

Lucie Bregeon

Jessica is very professional, she submitted several proposals and was very patient and helpful in helping us make a decision. She answers every question very quickly.

Gardene Aguiar

Jessica designed a new kitchen for my house. I was very satisfied with her work. Very professional!

Jessica designed a new kitchen for my home. I was very satisfied with his work. Very professional!

Marie-Claire Lorange

Jessica was quick to respond to our questions, she works efficiently. Acts professionally and knows the trends well!

Lucie Gosselin

I really liked Jessica. She is attentive, respectful of our tastes and budget, easily accessible to answer our questions, punctual, very professional. I highly recommend it.

Fabienne Aie

Jessica is an outstanding designer! She helped me make wise choices for the layout of my condo and advised me on the latest design trends. I highly recommend it!

Amelie Piscollo

Jessica is very easy to work with. She understood our needs immediately for the design of our commercial space and she knows how to adapt to constraints. She was very patient. I definitely recommend it. We look forward to continuing the design of the space together.

Sylvie Vincent

I liked the quality of Jessica’s care and professional listening. She knew how to make real what I had in mind and to be very reactive on the requested changes. Beautifully rendered and on time. I highly recommend it….

Pascal Robidas

Jessica offered a very competitive price and delivered a flawless and professional project to our condo building revitalization committee. We are again pleased to have retained his services.

Chantal Côté

Great availability and listening to our opinions. She takes the time to guide us through every step of the project.

Valerie Bussieres

We worked with Jessica to divide a large space in our home into a new bedroom for our daughter and a custom office space for my husband and me. Jessica fully listened to our needs, understood our style and both spaces Everything is beautiful and optimized. She provided the best service and support possible along the way and we are very happy with our new spaces!

Monique Ménard

Jessica Locas listens to her clients, and I am happy to be a part of it. She has no shortage of ideas and is very imaginative. In short, she is a perfectionist and available. It’s so nice to do business with her. I highly recommend her for any project. Thanks again Jessica!

Isabelle Fontaine

I have had the privilege of working with Jessica since I moved into a new townhouse in the southwest of Montreal. She immediately understood my tastes and needs. She imagined and realized the decor of all the rooms in my house, with professionalism and creativity! I highly recommend it!!!

Suzanne Boisvert

Thanks to the talents of Jessica Locas, I went from a heavy, cluttered workspace …. to a zen, uncluttered workspace that is so much fun to work in. Jessica was able to design my space according to my own needs, according to my daily, monthly, …. Now it’s so easy to keep my desk clear while working. My favorites are my storage shelves, my convertible standing desk and my writing areas on the wall.
Thank you Jessica!

Raphael Lavoie-Brand

Jessica Locas created a beautiful layout for my massage therapy room. She came up with several great ideas that I would have never thought of! My clients find the space inspiring, and she was able to tailor her advice to my budget. It was perfect!

Mariane Jobin

Jessica is a force of nature! She is efficient, creative and energetic. She takes the client’s needs to heart and knows how to meet them. His varied experience and rich expertise quickly gave me confidence – the result is what I expected! I highly recommend it.

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