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Do you dream of renovating your kitchen to create the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams? Do you dream of a bright white kitchen like Marilou from Trois Fois Par Jour? This style of kitchen design is very popular with our customers as it is a timeless style that ages well. The farmhouse style is bright and inspires calm! What could be more relaxing than a clean and tidy white kitchen? We all need that in our lives! In this blog, I share with you the essential elements that make up farmhouse style. You’ll be able to create the kitchen design of your dreams or call on our team of designers to carry out your project!

One last word before I get to the heart of the matter: I recently wrote a blog post about the

Studio Mcgee kitchen style

. It’s a style that resembles farmhouse cooking, but with a more Mediterranean approach.

1-Integrate neutral colors and noble materials to design a farmhouse kitchen

To create a farmhouse feel kitchen, we want a bright look. That’s why we prioritize neutral and light colors for the farmhouse kitchen style. All shades of white are allowed, from neutral white to creamy white, from ivory to beige! Quick interior designer tip here; if you’re mixing multiple white materials, make sure the whites work well together. Be careful with cold whites that will not be harmonious with warm whites. If you want to add a touch of color to your kitchen design, I recommend choosing a light blue or sage green, these colors blend in beautifully with the farmhouse style. Black is a hue that is also often seen in this style of kitchen design, it adds an industrial yet chic touch to the design. Really think about the direction you want to take your project design when choosing your colors.

The materials to prioritize in the design of a farmhouse kitchen are natural materials since we want an atmosphere that reminds us of nature. Interior designers like to use stone countertops, hardwood floors and brick backsplashes to create farmhouse kitchens.

2- Integrate wood to design a farmhouse kitchen

Wood in a farmhouse kitchen is essential, not to say mandatory, hihi! This is definitely the finish that most represents a farmhouse in my opinion. But be careful, it doesn’t mean to use it everywhere and in any way. For example, I would say that the fashion for barn wood is pretty much gone… So be careful with the wood you select! When it comes to kitchen cabinet doors, they don’t have to be wood either. Today, there are beautiful materials such as polyester and high-end melamine to make kitchen designs. Especially if you want white cabinet doors, there is no need to make them out of wood, it will be more beautiful and more resistant in polyester! In this case, I recommend using wood flooring for your kitchen, it will add a touch of warmth to the design. Don’t worry about the durability and waterproofing of hardwood in the kitchen. Wood is very resistant and it is always advisable to put a small mat in front of the sink to avoid leaving water drops on the floor. The problem is solved!

If you have a very high ceiling, adding wooden beams would give a WOW effect to your farmhouse kitchen! Otherwise, feel free to incorporate wood details into your kitchen design. For example, a decorative wood hood, a wood island or a wood countertop section. The rule of interior design when adding a color or material is to repeat it at least two to three times to make the design work!

3- Integrate an apron sink to make a farmhouse kitchen design

The apron sink is another essential for a successful farmhouse kitchen design. This detail adds a certain charm. In addition to being pretty, the apron sink is practical and easy to maintain. We often think of the white porcelain sink when we imagine an apron sink, but they also come in copper, clay and many colors. The company

House of Rohl

even has a collection of patterned apron sinks that can be customized with the desired motif.

4- Integrate an island with a niche to design a farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse cooking also refers to rustic cooking. In rustic kitchens, there were large islands with shelves where pots and baskets were placed. Although it’s not super practical these days to have open storage, it’s interesting to make a few niches as a reminder of this design to hold, for example, vegetable baskets. In a kitchen design, you have to play with textures and volumes, otherwise having walls full of cabinets… it’s heavy. That’s why interior designers incorporate niches, glass doors and material changes for kitchen cabinets. It’s all about volume, so if you’re not comfortable with this technique, it might be worthwhile to hire an interior designer to design your kitchen. Especially when you renovate a kitchen you put in 50-60 000$ so an investment of a few miles for the services of a designer is a good idea. This can save you from making costly mistakes. Our team is available for help you!

5- Integrate white appliances to make the design of a farmhouse kitchen

Interior design trends are always cyclical, much like clothing fashions. In the last few years, we have known black appliances that were not a big success, but still popular. Stainless steel appliances have been popular for at least a decade! Finally, the interior design trend is making a comeback to white appliances for our greatest pleasure! It’s so much easier to clean! The moms will be happy, I’m sure! Beware though, this is a far cry from white coil ovens and fridges with an orange peel finish on the metal doors. The market is coming back with chic, white and trendy appliances. For my kitchen, I chose a Café oven that is white with gold handles, it is absolutely sublime! The finish on my oven door is silky smooth and easy to clean.

6- Integrate industrial lighting fixtures to make a farmhouse kitchen design

Interior designers love to use industrial lighting fixtures to create farmhouse style kitchen settings. When we talk about an industrial light fixture, we are referring to a light fixture with a metal shade and a bulb with exposed tungsten filament. Because it is so popular, it is available in all styles and colors on the market. Our team of interior designers often works with the Quebec company

Luminaire Authentik

. If you don’t know this beautiful company, you’re going to fall under its spell just like we did. She offers industrial and Scandinavian style lighting (pendants, lamps, murals) in a variety of colors. Their concept is semi-custom, as you choose all the components and colors/materials to create your own light fixture. Their style of lighting is yes industrial, but with a more modern and sleek version, which will allow your lighting to stand up well through the years and fashions.

One last little tip as an interior designer; the industrial style barn wood light fixture is not bad out in design! It’s best to choose a newer style of lighting!

7- Integrate rustic accessories to make the design of a farmhouse kitchen

The decorative accessories help to accentuate the style we wanted to create with the interior design of the kitchen! I give you some examples of objects to integrate in your kitchen to achieve the farmhouse style. In general, we want to go for rustic, natural and neutral colored objects. Wicker baskets are perfect for storing your vegetables. For the countertop, you can install a wood and metal recipe holder or small rustic wood shelves, available at Maison Olive. For your flowers or dried flower arrangements, choose irregular stoneware vases. Then, don’t forget to add a beautiful linear vintage rug between the island and the sink area. Complete the set with some linen effect table linens, with fine stripes or small patterns! Get inspired on

my Pinterest album

to see more farmhouse kitchen decor ideas.

In conclusion, to succeed in the design of your dream kitchen farmhouse style, always prioritize noble materials, natural and neutral colors. Feel free to incorporate signature farmhouse details like the apron sink, island with vegetable basket niche, white appliances and industrial lighting. And don’t forget to choose your decorative items with care, so that they enhance your kitchen! If you are confused with all these tips, don’t hesitate to call our team, we are available to design your kitchen project.

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