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Meet JessicaBehind my role as an interior designer, I have many interests and stories to share with you! I do it in all humility and if you wish, don’t hesitate to write to me, right below. It will be a great pleasure to talk with

Each year, the most internationally reputed color institutes reveal the colors that will inspire deco trends throughout the year. These colors influence fashion as well as product conceptions. In fact, I'd say that trends in decoration are first influenced by dress fashion! Remember; when we

Have you ever bought several gallons of paint just to realize that you don't like the color at all once you start applying it to the wall? Or bought a sofa that you found magnificent in a furniture store, but that becomes gigantic once in

The choice of an interior designer shouldn't be solely based on her rate, but also on her portfolio, her personality and her reputation. Beside consulting her web site, check if she has a Facebook page and if there is any review on it. Did you

Super simple technic to make a gradient wall and discover your artist talents!Today, I'm really excited. I,ll show you the technique to achieve an ombre wall! Or gradient, but it's funnier to say Ombreeeeee. I've tested and upgraded my technique and I am finally ready