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Inspiring trip to Gaspésie: When nature influences design

Inspiring trip to Gaspésie: When nature influences design

Eight days, four campsites and hundreds of kilometers of Gaspesian scenery: that’s the journey my friend from Lévis and I took from Carleton-sur-Mer to Parc Forillon. By the way, for outdoor enthusiasts, we opted for tents during our adventures, camping in various idyllic corners of the region.

Day 1: Colorful, gourmet beginnings

Initial destination: Carleton-sur-Mer. But before that, we stopped off in St-Luce, a charming town of brightly-colored houses, bordered by a beach as pretty as it is grandiose. For dinner, after a long wait at LA cantine Saint-Flavie, we were rewarded with a shrimp poutine – a real gustatory marvel. A little story in passing: while waiting in line at the canteen, a young boy observed the portions and exclaimed, “I think he’s really exaggerating about the shrimps, don’t you?”. Petit, that’s precisely why we came here.

Arrival in Carleton was uneventful despite the lack of wifi and gas stations on the road. There, we pitched our tent at the Carleton-sur-Mer campground, located on an island, offering an almost mystical experience. We rounded off the day with a picnic in front of an absolutely sublime sunset at Tracadigash Point, bundled up to brave the river wind.

Day 2: Ascension and sunny prayers

Hike to Mount St. Joseph for a bird’s-eye view of Carleton. The Rescue Trail offered its share of challenges, but once at the top, we were amazed, not only by the view, but also by the quaint little church. We even said a prayer that the sun would be with us for the whole trip – wish granted!

We then hit the road to set up camp in Bonaventure.

Day 3: Memorable descent and crystal-clear nature

Descent of the Bonaventure River with Cime Aventures. Our 20 km course, lined with rapids, proved to be a real challenge, made even more memorable by our near capsize – a word of advice, avoid being distracted by cute ducks! The river, renowned for its clarity, offered us turquoise waters, through which we could observe salmon. A delight for the eyes and a real sporting challenge for the arms.

Day 4: Chandler – Rest and discover the beach

After our adventures of the previous days, our stopover in Chandler was synonymous with rest. We settled into a spacious and very pleasant campsite, nestled in a dense forest that opened onto a welcoming terrain. The beaches, stretching to the horizon, were right in front of the campsite (Camping Parc du Bourg de Pabos), inviting us to relax. And, let’s face it, after two days of sporting challenges, we’re looking forward to some relaxation. Chandler beach proved to be the most sublime of our entire trip. Its fine sand and clear water charmed us, and of course I couldn’t resist the call to take a dip. In between sunbathing sessions, I also took the time to work on my embroidery projects. At the end of the day, we were treated to a magical experience with Nova Lumina, a forest light tour created by the renowned Moment Factory company. This nocturnal escapade, combined with the splendor of the full moon, made for a magical evening.

Day 5: Percé – Tourist immersion

Day five propelled us into a marathon day, from Chandler to Percé, via the region’s hidden treasures. Percé, with its picturesque souvenir stores and fascinating promenade, proved to be a must-see. We climbed the tower for a breathtaking view of the rock, before venturing to Cap Mont Jolie for a closer look. However, it was at a municipal rest stop upstream from the town center that we found the perfect spot to photograph the rock. And, not being one to pass up a good opportunity, I returned early the next morning to immortalize the sunrise.

Another gem we discovered was the historic Anse-à-Beaufils general store. What seemed like a simple visit turned into a humorous journey through time, recounting anecdotes of fishing and life in the 1920s. A unique experience!

Day 6: Parc Forillon – Splendour and adventure

Waking up in Forillon Park at Cap-des-Rosiers was simply exhilarating. Between the wild beauty of the spaces and the comfort of the facilities, everything invited us to explore. Our first expedition was the Mont St-Alban hike. Despite its difficulty, this climb offered us exceptional panoramic views, ideal for seal and whale watching. The dense forests and narrow paths gave us the impression of being alone in the world, and the afternoon was spent contemplating the beach and its breathtaking panoramas.

Day 7: Forillon Park – Cap Gaspé, the end of the world

Day 7 marked our last day in Forillon Park. We hiked from Cap Gaspé to the mythical “end of the world”. The walk immersed us in a wilderness dotted with sedimentary rocks looking like melted caramel. And then, the long-awaited moment: the end of the world, where the land stops and the sea stretches as far as the eye can see. It was the perfect climax to our stay in Gaspésie.

Day 8: Return home

The 5am alarm clock signalled the start of our journey home. Taking the northern route, we savored the Gaspesian landscape of mountains, rocks and endless sea, where we could see seals perched on the rocks by the sea. If Gaspésie has taught me anything, it’s the grandeur and rugged beauty of the land.

Gaspésie gave me another perspective on interior design. It reminded me of the importance of nature, freedom and wild beauty. While we often create immaculate, uncluttered interiors, nature is full of life, color and emotion. How can I merge these two worlds in my business? The reflection continues…

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