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Las Vegas: A source of inspiration for Montreal interior designers

Las Vegas: A source of inspiration for Montreal interior designers

Back from my trip to Las Vegas, I’m full of inspiration and creative ideas to share with you. As an interior designer in Greater Montreal, I was amazed by the incredible settings I discovered in this extravagant city. Las Vegas is a veritable design paradise, where we can create spaces that have an emotional impact on us. In this article, I’ll share my impressions and favorites from my stay, while showing you how these inspirations can influence our renovation projects in the Greater Montreal area.

Inspiration and atmosphere in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, I saw how the atmosphere is carefully created to arouse emotions and encourage extravagance. The dark, confusing hotel lobbies, designed to keep guests immersed in the game world, made me realize the importance of atmosphere in our own designs. However, of all the hotels, it was the Bellagio that captured my heart. With its large windows offering an abundance of natural light, upscale boutiques, charming cafés and breathtaking interior gardens, I was seduced to the point of visiting it every day of my stay.

The enchanted gardens of the Bellagio

Among the wonders of the Bellagio, the interior gardens are truly enchanting. Thousands of flowers create a breathtaking backdrop, perfuming the air with exquisite fragrances. This heavenly space reminded me of the importance of nature and the link between outside and inside in our own bathroom renovation projects. The integration of plants, flowers and natural materials can create a soothing, harmonious atmosphere.

Sadelle’s café: An art deco gem

Among my culinary discoveries, Sadelle’s café was a real revelation in terms of design. With its large arched windows, art deco style, pale blue moldings and brown herringbone parquet flooring, this café offers an incredibly charming ambience. Rattan chairs, classic lighting and floral touches add a touch of sophistication. What’s more, Sadelle’s is distinguished by the luxury of its toilet cubicles, with walls of natural stone, including marble. It’s only in Las Vegas that you can find toilet walls made of stone. The view of the inner courtyard, where the Bellagio swimming pool is located, is simply breathtaking. It reminded me of the importance of detail and the use of noble materials to create a luxurious and elegant ambience in our own bathroom renovation projects.

Dazzling lights from Vegas

It’s often said that Las Vegas is the brightest city, and now I understand it perfectly. Custom fixtures created for the city’s hotels, casinos, restaurants and boutiques are simply luxurious, original and bold. These lighting elements play an essential role in creating a festive and impressive atmosphere, and are just as important in our interior design projects. I’m no stranger to spending time finding the perfect fixture to enhance a specific space.

My favorite hotel: The Cosmopolitan Hotel

During my stay, I was lucky enough to stay at the Cosmopolitan, a hotel that seduced me from the moment I arrived. Located on the 58th floor, our room offered an incredible view of the city (although the balcony can be noisy, I enjoyed working on it in the morning before leaving for my days of exploration). The hotel’s swimming pool was also a real highlight for me. Huge and with a breathtaking view, I’d go there every morning when it opened, soaking up the morning sun. The Cosmopolitan stands out for its chic, modern style and elegant ambience. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a memorable Vegas experience.

An exceptional restaurant: Le Catch

Among the many restaurants I discovered in Las Vegas, Catch really captured my attention thanks to its exceptional design. Above the banquettes, a hanging flower garden elegantly blends greenery and giant birdcages, giving this establishment a unique atmosphere. And of course, I can’t forget to mention the quality of the cuisine. The sushi on offer was some of the best I’ve ever tasted, and the Asian fusion menu, including fish and steaks, delighted my taste buds.

The quest for exploration and excellence

During my four days in Las Vegas, I demonstrated a real thirst for exploration. We did one activity after another, trying to discover as much as we could of this city that never sleeps. From the excitement of the grandiose shows to the smallest, carefully thought-out details, everything was extraordinary. The showrooms, in particular, transported us into captivating worlds where no detail was overlooked. This experience reminded me of the importance of every little element in creating an extraordinary look. During our visit to an exhibition, for example, as soon as we walked through the front doors, we were immersed in an incredibly captivating atmosphere, long before we had even begun to explore the works on display. This attention to detail created an immersive and memorable atmosphere. In the same way, in our renovation projects, every choice, every design element, is important in creating an extraordinary ambiance. From boutiques and hotels to exhibitions and museums, every place we visited in Las Vegas inspired us to push the boundaries of our interior design creativity.

The impact of Las Vegas on our profession as interior designers

As an interior designer, I consider travel to be an invaluable source of inspiration. Exploring new horizons, discovering different cultures and observing unique settings broadens our vision and enriches our creativity. My trip to Las Vegas reinforced my belief in the importance of our mission as interior designers. Creating decors that positively influence our customers’ lives is our ultimate goal. Las Vegas showed me how carefully created ambiences and meticulously thought-out details can have a lasting effect on the emotions of the people who move there. By familiarizing ourselves with a variety of styles and trends, we are better equipped to offer our customers unique and innovative concepts in interior design.

Back in the Greater Montreal area, I’m more determined than ever to bring that same inspiration and impact to my renovation projects.

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