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The best interior design addresses in Brossard: A look at suppliers in Quartier DIX30

The best interior design addresses in Brossard: A look at suppliers in Quartier DIX30

For the past year and a half, Jessica Locas Design, your reference for interior design in Brossard, has made its home in the heart of the prestigious DIX30. Located close to our suppliers, this location offers our customers an unparalleled experience. After a consultation in our offices, they can easily visit our suppliers to see the materials and furniture on offer in real life. Not only is DIX30 easily accessible for our customers on Montreal’s South Shore and in Brossard, it also offers a major advantage: spacious underground parking. No reason not to visit us for your next design project on the South Shore.

#1 supplier to South Shore decorators – Structube The Fusion of Style and Accessibility

When it comes to varied choice and rapid availability of furniture, Structube is undoubtedly at the top of the list. This proudly Quebec-based company stands out for its modernity and trendy designs. While she proudly represents Quebec, it’s interesting to note that her furniture pieces are not produced locally.

The quality offered by Structube is respectable, and as a professional interior designer, I always advise my customers to visit the store. This approach allows us to closely examine the items and make sure they really meet their expectations. Structube’s diverse range is particularly well suited to the needs of first-time buyers, ideal for furnishing a first home.

It’s with a certain nostalgia and a great deal of pride that I mention my collaboration with Mylène Beaucage. We both studied interior design at the Cégep de Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. Today, our paths cross again, but this time in a professional context. Working with Mylène is a real pleasure: her dynamism, smile and efficiency are contagious. Together, we form a formidable team, always ready to take on new challenges in the exciting world of interior design in Brossard.

2nd favorite supplier of South Shore decorators: Maison Corbeil et Must – The perfect blend of style and variety in Brossard

In the heart of Dix30, Maison Corbeil and Must sit harmoniously under one roof, offering a unique shopping experience with different sections to explore. For a Brossard decorator like me, it’s a real resource. Must, considered Maison Corbeil’s little brother, enhances its already exceptional offering.

Maison Corbeil is a must-visit address for many reasons: an exceptional range of choices, a variety of prices to suit all budgets, and a range of quality products. In particular, high-end customizable Italian furniture – with a special mention for the Catalan brand, which I’m particularly fond of as a designer in Brossard. To grasp the full extent of their offer, a visit to the boutique is essential, as their website does not reflect the full range of their treasures.

Although their stylistic signature is oriented towards modern contemporary, you can also find mid-century pieces or those with a boho touch. This variety no doubt explains why Maison Corbeil is so highly regarded and recognized by our customers. It’s a sure bet for any decorator in Brossard, and a benchmark for interior design.

Recently, I had the opportunity to furnish a house in Florida with pieces from them. The evidence is clear: whether for the young or the boomers, their furniture appeals to all generations. A timeless choice to enhance any interior.

South Shore decorators’ 3rd favorite supplier: EQ3 – The top choice

For any interior designer on the South Shore, EQ3 is a major reference. Their varied range perfectly meets the expectations of professionals and customers alike.

Their speed of delivery for sofas is exceptional in a sector where waiting times can stretch over several months. In just 8 weeks, EQ3 is able to satisfy customer requests, an undeniable asset for any interior design service. What’s more, their selection of fabrics and colors is very comprehensive, so you’re sure to find what you need to furnish your customers’ living rooms at EQ3.

Their website, rich in technical details, is an invaluable resource for the interior designer. What’s more, their collection of rugs in noble materials and their line of decorative accessories reflect an expertise and aesthetic sensibility that perfectly complement the decors conceived by the designers.

In short, whether you’re an interior design expert or a simple enthusiast, EQ3 is a must-have for anyone looking to enrich and sublimate their interior spaces.

4th favorite supplier of South Shore decorators: Déco Luminaire – The brilliance of luminous design

Lighting stores can often look the same at first glance, but Déco Luminaire at DIX30 stands out from the crowd. For a South Shore interior designer, it’s a veritable gold mine. It has become a benchmark not only for the superior quality of its products, but also for the warm welcome and impeccable service offered by its staff.

When you enter the store, the abundance of choice can be impressive. That’s why, as a designer, I suggest starting with a pre-selection on their website, meticulously designed for the interior design department, then visiting the boutique to examine each fixture closely.

Selecting the perfect fixture is an art in itself, and for any interior designer, it’s often the element that adds the finishing touch to a room. Rather than opting for the limited selections available in supermarkets, it’s best to turn to a specialized boutique. Déco Luminaire offers a range from affordable to luxurious, and is always on the cutting edge of trends.

Their customer service is first-rate, making them a must for any decorator on the South Shore. A tip to optimize your experience: plan to order your fixtures 2 to 3 months in advance.

5th favorite supplier of South Shore decorators: Céragrès – The perfect blend of chic and durability

Céragrès is THE reference for porcelain tiles, slabs and stones. I’ve been working with them since I started in business, and every visit is a reminder of why I do it. It’s a space that exudes high-end, but without the slightest pretension. This is perfectly reflected in the interior designs we create: we strive for beauty and quality, but with good value for money. And that’s exactly the essence of what Ceragres represents for me.

Always at the forefront of trends, Céragrès unveils new products around twice a year, offering a wide range of cutting-edge choices. Whenever I’m looking to breathe new life into my customers’ majestic interiors, I know I’ll find everything I need at Ceragres. Mosaics, porcelain, stone slabs, quartz, granite, concrete: they have everything to satisfy the most varied tastes of Brossard’s designers.

The Ceragres team is extremely efficient. And while their growing popularity is reflected in the number of visitors, they always manage to offer impeccable service. Step inside and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular in the world of interior design.

Decorators’ 6th favorite supplier South Shore: Pottery Barn – Elegance at your fingertips

If you’re looking for the jewel in the crown when it comes to decorating the Dix30, Pottery Barn is undoubtedly the rare gem. Watch your wallet from the moment you walk through the door: every item seems to be calling out to you, making you wish you could leave with the whole store! Everything here exudes quality, timeliness and elegance. The store is a veritable Ali Baba’s cave for the home, offering furniture, lighting, decorative items and kitchen utensils.

And if you’re looking for seasonal ornaments, whether for autumn or Christmas, a visit to Pottery Barn is like a treasure hunt. It’s when you stroll the aisles that you really notice the difference between a top-of-the-range decorative item and a simple mass-market decorative object. When it comes to interior design, I often stress the importance of choosing valuable pieces to enrich your home. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of living surrounded by quality objects rather than mere knick-knacks found in the supermarket.

South Shore decorators’ 7th favorite supplier: Anthropologie – A hidden treasure for the South Shore interior designer

Every interior designer on the South Shore has their little secrets, and for me, it’s definitely Anthropologie. For all the design lovers on Montreal’s South Shore, let me ask you: have you discovered this gem yet? Enigmatically tucked away, this store requires a certain flair to find. To find it, take the inner alley of the square opposite the Hôtel Escad. A wooden facade, reminiscent of a vintage office, will offer itself to your eyes, almost like a passageway to a world of treasures.

Inside, it’s an interior decorator’s paradise in Brossard. Anthropologie offers an eclectic range of colorful, unique and decidedly beautiful home furnishings. While the boutique’s bohemian charm is undeniable, my role as interior designer is to integrate these pieces elegantly into modern, classic or mid-century decors. The essence of my interior design service is to juxtapose this uniqueness with my clients’ own style, to create truly original spaces. And believe me, in a Quebec market that’s sometimes tight on design, these finds make all the difference.

Let’s not forget to mention Anthropologie’s candles, a must, period. They are an ode to our senses with their bewitching fragrances. In a word, this is the boutique that every interior designer in Brossard would recommend to give a space that special touch that sets it apart.

DIX30 is more than just a place to shop; it’s the must-visit destination for interior design in Greater Montreal. Its festive atmosphere, constant novelties and easy access make it a privileged venue. Beyond products and services, it’s a real experience that we aim to offer. Each DIX30 supplier plays an essential role in bringing unique, personalized design visions to life. Don’t wait any longer, discover these boutiques and let yourself be inspired. And when you’re ready to transform your space, make an appointment with us for your renovation and decoration projects. At Jessica Locas Design, we don’t just guide you through the vast world of design, we’re committed to making your vision a reality, always with a touch of originality and elegance. Contact us – we’re always open to new projects!

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