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Here are the top 7 deco Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration in your renovation projects.

Whether you’re looking for an interior designer to make plans for your kitchen or looking for home decorating tips, I’ve written this blog post to inspire you. I’ve decided to share my top 7 must-follow interior designer accounts on Instagram. It’s 7 interior designers who are passionate about their craft and deserve a little more spotlight to recognize their fine work. So let me introduce you to these Quebec accounts without further ado: the 7 interior designer accounts to follow on Instagram.

Best interior designer account to follow on Instagram: 1-

Atelier Dansereau

This group of interior designers is both young and energetic. Their style is both moody and trendy. Their kitchen design services reflect both functional and aesthetic design, perfect for those seeking a mix of accessibility and refinement. A glance at their Instagram account reveals a friendly, dynamic and promising team.

Best interior designer account to follow on Instagram: 2-

Kelli Richards Interiors

Inspiring interior designer Kelli Richards creates rich, timeless decors. Each bathroom and kitchen design is elegantly conceived, ranging from classic chic to sophisticated modern. His projects embody understated luxury, skilfully blending black and white tones with a touch of modernity.

Best interior designer account to follow on Instagram: 3-

Jessica Locas Design

This dynamic team of interior designers has a wealth of experience that translates into bold, colorful and warm creations. Their projects are distinguished by their uniqueness and liveliness, and frequently feature in interior design magazines. They excel not only in bathroom plans, but also in the art of pushing customers out of their comfort zone to create unique, personalized spaces. Their Instagram account is particularly active. You can follow Jessica, the owner, through the renovations of her own home, her passion for fashion and the outdoors! For those looking to enrich their daily lives with beauty and positive vibes, this is the Instagram profile not to be missed.

Best interior designer account to follow on Instagram: 4-


The essence of Bien Studio is revealed through their account: a source of inspiration that speaks of attention to detail and a genuine passion for interior design. With colorful aesthetics and a warm atmosphere, this kitchen designer paves the way for accessible, attractive design.

Best interior designer account to follow on Instagram: 5-.


The ISSA DESIGN account is a hymn to purity and elegance. Awarded the Grand Prix Design, this team has mastered the art of kitchen and bathroom design, demonstrating that simplicity can be synonymous with visual impact and innovation. Each publication is proof of their commitment to quality, uncluttered interior design.

Best interior designer account to follow on Instagram: 6-

Indee Design

What sets Indee Design apart is their ability to mix genres and palettes. Their approach to home decoration embraces a diversity of styles, from the most classic to the most modern, reflecting an eclectic and creative spectrum. For ideas that are out of the ordinary and on the cutting edge of current trends, their Instagram account is a goldmine.

Best interior designer account to follow on Instagram: 7-

Foucade Design

Foucade Design deserves a special mention for its commitment to its customers. With over seven years’ experience, this team offers a personalized interior design service, transforming every living space into a functional and aesthetic work of art.

As you explore these Instagram accounts, you’ll be immersed in a world of creativity and design that’s sure to inspire your future home renovation or decorating projects. I’ve chosen to highlight smaller accounts that deserve greater recognition for their unique approach. There are, of course, more established influencer accounts in the interior design field, but they’re already well documented in other blogs!

It’s important not to confuse the role of a decorator with that of an interior designer. The 7 top interior designer accounts featured above are experts in specific services such as kitchen plans, bathroom plans, interior architecture, kitchen design service, interior design service, bathroom design and kitchen designer. Don’t hesitate to encourage these local talents, who are helping to promote Quebec design beyond our borders.

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