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The best toilet in Quebec for your bathroom

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom soon and wondering which toilet choice would be best? Very good question that few interior designers are able to answer. The best person to answer would be a plumber or a bathroom plumbing store consultant. Since my interior design business specializes in bathroom remodeling projects, I decided to do some research to find out what the best toilet is for your bathroom.

I asked Isabelle, owner of espace Plomberie Duo, for her opinion. Here is the conclusion of our research and our choice of the best toilet in Quebec for your bathroom.


A brand name toilet for your new bathroom

First and foremost, it is important to choose a company that is known for its toilet design and manufacturing. Thus, in case of breakdown or long-term maintenance, it will be easier to replace parts and also to have a specialized after-sales service. As an interior designer, I reiterate that it is very important to buy your plumbing products from a good company and from a store with excellent service. This will save you a lot of headaches and stress during your bathroom renovations.

Toilets are items that are used on a daily basis, so it is best to choose a quality product. Well-known brands such as American Standard, Kohler, Gerber and Toto offer toilets for every budget. They are also approved by our interior designers for style! I suggest you budget between $400 and $900 for your toilet if you want a nice quality and durability. Interior designers and bathroom remodeling contractors say that a good remodel lasts about 20 years. After 20 years, the materials start to get damaged and the bathroom style is no longer fashionable. So we want a toilet that will last as long as the rest of the bathroom if possible!


A powerful and ecological toilet for your new bathroom

It is important to find out about the power of the flush as well as the water savings. Older toilets could use up to 14 liters of water per use. With the evolution of technology, several recognized brands have managed to make toilets with increased power and only use 4.8 liters of water per flush. American Standard is the winner with its Studio model. To do this, the company has increased the diameter of the opening between the tank and the bowl as well as the diameter of the trap that is positioned at the base of the bowl. This allows for a much more powerful flow of water that also flushes and cleans the bowl. This model has undergone several laboratory tests and is capable of clearing 25 golf balls in one shot! This is an excellent choice if you tend to clog the toilet frequently. It is also a good long-term investment. Look no further, this toilet is the best solution for your bathroom renovation, approved by interior designers and plumbers. Moreover, its price is very affordable. It ranges from $405 to $449 depending on the round or elongated model. The American Standard Studio toilet is the best toilet in Quebec because it is easy to install, it is beautiful, it is powerful and it is environmentally friendly!

If you want to continue your search for a good toilet for your bathroom remodel, there are also other things you need to consider.

Isabelle from Espace Plomberie Duo, explains that you should also look for toilets that are Water Sense approved. These toilets generally use 25% less water than more traditional models. This is essential if you care about the environment. Bathroom renovations produce a lot of construction waste so it’s important to think of tips and systems you can use to make your bathroom renovation more environmentally friendly.

It is also important to check the Map, which is the performance level of the toilet. The best toilets flush 1000 grams per flush with only 4.8 liters of water.


A durable toilet for your new bathroom

As an interior designer, I like to advise my clients who are looking to do a bathroom remodel to use durable and timeless materials that will remain beautiful for many years. There are often interior design trends that in practice are not really ideal in terms of maintenance and durability. My role as an interior designer is to find a balance between timeless style and custom style for each client to create a WOW effect.

When it comes to the toilet, it is important to look at the quality of the porcelain. The thickness of the lacquer on the porcelain will allow the residues to evacuate well, without resistance. A lower quality toilet will have an enamel that will wear out faster and become more difficult to maintain. I’m sure you hadn’t thought of that 😉


A beautiful toilet for your new bathroom

When I do a bathroom design plan, my first goal as an interior designer is to position the toilet so that it is as inconspicuous as possible from the front door and also from the bath! It’s not very relaxing to be in a nice warm bath, but inches away from your famous toilet!!! One interior designer trick I like to suggest to my clients for a master bathroom is to place the toilet between 4 walls. So she’s in a small closed room with a door, but she stays in the bathroom. Not all clients like this idea, but I always suggest it to see what the best option is. If the design of your bathroom is very important to you I invite you to read my article on how to make a Feng shui bathroom. The information contained therein will complement the subject wonderfully.

To come back to the toilet, if it is well visible in the bathroom, it is important that it is pretty. However, the shape and height of the toilet does not affect performance. These are just aesthetic details. I also advise you to choose a toilet with a shell that is smooth and not molded with concave shapes, so it will be easier and more pleasant to clean! There is also the wall-mounted toilet which is a great aesthetic choice and is gaining a lot of popularity in new bathroom designs. The wall-mounted toilet should be evaluated with the same features mentioned in the article here. That is, choose a brand name toilet, choose a powerful and environmentally friendly toilet and then choose a durable and aesthetically pleasing toilet!

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