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Have you ever bought several gallons of paint and when you start applying it to the wall you don’t like the color at all?

Or buying a sofa that you think looks great in a furniture store, but when it’s in your living room, it becomes gigantic?

A designer can spare you all these hassles. Here are 6 reasons why hiring a designer is not a luxury, but a necessity!

  1. Spend the day at the spa while your project progresses!

A designer can take charge of the renovation/decoration project from start to finish. That is to say that she will coordinate orders of materials, deliveries, installations of those same items and the supervision of the executed works by the contractor. She is your representative so the project is up to what she presented you. She has your project at heart, so she won’t let slip any details that the contractor might botch. Think of the weekend days you’ll have spent in various furniture stores without finding what you want, or the sunny days you’ll have wasted supervising construction.

Hiring an interior designer is definitely a time saving for you.

  1. Have money to celebrate the end of your project!

You’ve probably already experienced renovations with complications and a bill that increased considerably from day to day.

Or you may have bought furniture or materials that didn’t suit your space, resulting in a waste of money. Pass that responsibility to somebody else. The designer is responsible for her purchases, and if she makes a mistake, she’ll have to find a solution, but it’s not up to you to pay!

Furthermore, forget the idea that a designer has luxury tastes and that she will suggest to you overpriced materials. It’s false. A good designer knows where to invest money and what to save it on to create a successful decor! She’ll use all her tricks to respect your budget and give you the most value possible!

Working with a designer is having the certainty that every dollar is well invested.

  1. Stress-free sleep even during renovations!

The first thing to do when a designer wants to be successful is to surround herself with a team of competent professionals, otherwise her reputation won’t go very far! She chooses thoroughly with whom she makes deals to be sure that both her suppliers and partners hold the same values as her business. She takes care of the customer experience from start to finish! Good contractors like to work with a designer because she knows the field and makes the bridge with the client, it is often less complicated for them. They prioritize more this type of project. Reliable contractors are hard to come by, so sometimes you have to hire a designer to get in touch with them!

Working with an interior designer, it’s having the certainty of working with reliable and experimented contractors.

  1. Avoid installing materials that have already gone out of fashion!

Interior design is like fashion! There are trends each season and each year. You’ll agree with me that changing a sweater is easier than changing a ceramic at home! Interior design trends: take it easy! We can’t afford changing decor every year. But, like with clothes, there are some timeless classics in interior design. A specialist will know how to suggest materials that are up to date according to the boldness you wish to put in your project. She knows the market well and is up to date with the latest materials.

Working with an interior designer means avoiding the blunder of buying ceramics that you love, but that will be outdated in 2 years!

  1. Get results worthy of a decorating magazine!

First of all, the project’s result will really be linked to your ideas and your needs, because the designer will take good notes of your tastes, your problems and your desires! In process, she will make you approve the concept and the selection of all the materials. The designer can see beyond your problems and come up with surprising solutions to things you hadn’t anticipated at all! It’s normal, it’s not your field. It’s the little details that make all the difference in making a magazine-worthy setting.

An interior designer will be able to create a home of which you’ll be proud.

  1. Access to a designer’s guest book!

In addition to calling on a team of professionals, the designer is experienced and knows the best places to find decorating finds! Whether you want to make a custom piece of wood furniture or find a vintage lighting fixture, she’ll know where to point you! She has a luxury notebook with extraordinary quality items, and a notebook that’s great value for money! We must also think that when ordering decoration articles, furniture, lamps, etc., there’s often some delays. In fact, some orders can take up to 8 weeks. Depending on your project schedule, the designer will recommend the best addresses or simply store for you.

When you work with an interior designer, you have access to her extensive design contacts!

In short, hiring an interior designer bring you a panoply of advantages:

-Time saving

-Money saving

-Stress reduction

-Avoid installing obsolete materials

-Obtaining the desired WOW effect

-Having access to the best design addresses

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