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As part of a competition with the company
South Shore Furniture
I was challenged to create a DIY room with their products and furniture in a record time of 5 days! It was quite an interior design challenge since the room was small, so I had to make the most of it. I share my project and the result in this article, I am very satisfied with the result.



Before we begin, did you know that South Shore Furniture is the IKEA of Quebec? Anyway, I call them that because they make affordable, stylish, flat-pack furniture! You can buy online on their website, or through some distributors. Their products are designed and manufactured in Quebec, we like that.

The first step in starting my design was to think about the layout to see how to arrange the furniture. One of the important criteria to consider was maximizing storage since this is a craft room. After looking at the different furniture options on the South Shore website, I fell in love. The office Helsy is perfect for its large work surface, integrated power outlets, many deep drawers and for its perfect style for my concept. My design idea was to create a young, dynamic and refreshing style!



Next, I tried to find the best storage cabinets and settled on a configuration of three low cabinets in the back of the room under the window. Initially, I had chosen the CREAI had a lot of problems with the furniture, but when the company wanted to deliver the furniture to me, the cabinet was BO in all the colors. (Reality of 2022!) So, I broke my head to find a different model… I finally chose the other model of CREAbut with wire mesh doors. The only problem was that this cabinet was too wide and I couldn’t fit three on the wall, so I decided to figure out how I was going to do it during installation.

Finally, while assembling the furniture and installing it, I realized that I could place two of the cabinets as planned, then the third one the other way around by removing one of the two doors! Magic!! So I had maximum storage and the design worked perfectly!



Once the functional furniture was chosen, I continued shopping to complete the look. I fell in love with the cabaret rose gold with the glass shelves! What could be better than a cute cabaret on wheels for a craft room? It’s so practical, you can store all your tools and materials in it and they’ll be easily accessible. Moreover, it can be moved according to our needs. The cabaret is so versatile that you can use it in the living room, the bedroom and the kitchen, it’s up to you to make it useful! I recently thought of buying one to make an electronic station. Since I work from home, I use my laptop just about everywhere; in my office, in the dining room, on my kitchen island… Sometimes I also need my tablet and phone at the same time. So I’m always carrying them around and my chargers are scattered! To be continued…



Then I selected a


in the colors of my concept (pink, black and white with golden touches). I also found a carpet really affordable that complements the design well. All interior designers will agree; adding the right size rug to your design gives the final touch that brings each element together whether it is for the living room, bedroom or office. For the carpet size to be right, it must reach below the first legs of each piece of furniture on the opposite side. For example, in a living room, if you have a three-seat sofa facing two armchairs, the carpet must be large enough to reach under the first legs of the armchairs.



It is It is important to plan the lighting in a room such as a craft room because you want to see what you are doing without being blinded. First of all, you should know that there are three families of lighting. The general lighting, which will allow to light the room in a global way. Task lighting, which will illuminate a particular work surface to allow us to perform certain tasks such as applying makeup or washing dishes. Finally, ambient lighting allows us to create a completely different atmosphere. For my craft room concept, I chose to add a pendant light (which I installed a little later than the photo shoot) and a standing lamp for my task lighting.

I completed the decoration with a pier from South Shore. It’s super soft and perfect for my color theme with its pink and gray tones. Then I selected the boxes


Oh so practical!

As for painting, I’ve been looking for the right project to create a dalmatian type mural for a while! So I applied this idea in this interior design project and decided to do it on the back wall to give a WOW effect when you enter the room. I painted the walls OC-39, Benjamin Moore’s Elmirada White and painted the black dots (yes yes, I painted them by hand, hihi. I could have found a wallpaper, but I felt like painting this project) 2120-10, Black of Mars. Behind the desk, I made a pink accent wall: 2092-60, Rose de Georgie.



To finish it off and add a design touch, I installed a bouquet of local flowers in the little niche on the armoire: the flowers of Stéphanie, an eco-responsible gardener in Lévis. She offers bouquet delivery and custom floral arrangements. His work is extraordinary. You can follow her on Facebook
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