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Interior design is like fashion, trends change as the years go by. Fortunately, bathroom remodeling trends change much less quickly than clothing fashions. An interior design trend lasts about 5 to 10 years. As an interior designer, I am on the lookout for trends to avoid advising to my clients of end-of-life trends. If you want your bathroom to stay fashionable for more than 10 years, I advise you to create a timeless design, I wrote another article about it right here. The farmhouse style bathroom is a style that will last for years to come and can be timeless if you go subtle. This style was made popular by designer Joanna Gaines with the HGTV show, Fixer Upper, a few years ago. Next, we got a kick out of Netflix’s My Dream Home series with Studio Mcgee, which has a signature Farmhouse – English countryside design. We love it!!! In this article, I decorate the style to create a Farmhouse bathroom without making mistakes or overdoing it.


Integrating the Shiplap to make a Farmhouse bathroom design


If we think of a farmhouse bathroom, the first thing that comes to mind is to incorporate a wall or walls of white paneling! As an interior designer, I love using this texture because it is delicate and adds so much charm to a room! Don’t hesitate to use the shiplap. I suggest you do either an accent wall, the bath or vanity wall for example, or all the walls in the room to create a total Farmhouse effect. You can put the 5-6″ wide pattern horizontally which gives a more modern look. The smaller 2-3″ slats are also very trendy and look great vertically, giving a more classic look. I predict that designers will be using small slats more and more in the coming years.

To add contrast to your farmhouse bathroom, I recommend trying a black shiplap accent wall! This will give an incredible look and chic to your bathroom design.


Integrating Hexagonal Tile to Make a Farmhouse Bathroom Design


Another must for a successful Farmhouse bathroom design is to incorporate the hexagonal tile floor. This tile comes in many sizes and colors, but black and white are a must for the farmhouse look. Some interior designers use hexagonal tile not only on the floor, but also on shower walls or as a vanity backsplash.


Integrate wood to make a Farmhouse bathroom design


One mistake I see all too often in farmhouse style is forgetting to incorporate wood touches into the design! A black and white bathroom design is nice, but it’s very cold and not really what you want in a bathroom. Humans always feel better and more comfortable in a warm setting than in a cold and rigid one! Think about the mood you want to create for your bathroom. In my bathroom designs, I am often inspired by the Scandinavian spa style!

To incorporate, wood into the farmhouse bathroom, I recommend choosing a finished wood vanity with shaker doors! Prioritize a light color like oak, bleached oak or cherry for a soft look.


Integrate a pedestal sink to make a Farmhouse bathroom design


Another vanity idea is to go for a pedestal or open style that is reminiscent of rustic pedestal sinks. I recommend it in a powder room, for example, or in a bathroom where you don’t need a lot of storage! You can have a lot of fun with this type of product in terms of design and finishes! Here are some examples.


Integrating black hardware to make a Farmhouse bathroom design


Again here, we’re into the idea of doing white and black bathroom design, so the ideal metal color for all your hardware is black. You can choose nice matte black door handles or knobs. It is also very nice in the design of a farmhouse bathroom to choose matte black sink and shower faucets. When adding a material color to a design, always make a callback to it in two or three places. So complete your decor with black fixtures and a shower door with black tiles or framing! Your color scheme will be successful in creating your beautiful farmhouse bathroom.

Incorporate rustic details to make the design of a bathroom Farmhouse


If we unpack the meaning of the Farmhouse style in design, we understand that it is the influence of a farmhouse. When you imagine the materials that can be found at the farmhouse, you think of rustic wood, barn wood, antiques, metal details and industrial fixtures. So a good idea to further integrate the Farmhouse style into your bathroom is to add rustic wood elements. For example, if you have a high ceiling, you can add wooden beams. Then, if you have a nice window over your bath, why not add a nice wooden louver! Always go subtle with rustic elements, it’s the key to creating a refined design.


Integrated neutral colors to make the design of a bathroom Farmhouse


The ideal colors to create a Farmhouse design are neutral colors inspired by nature. As an interior designer, I recommend incorporating warm colors like beige, taupe, light brown and cream with cooler colors like gray, charcoal and black. I also recommend incorporating raw materials into your farmhouse bathroom design like slate, stone or brick! This will make your bathroom design very warm and pleasant to live in.


Integrate stylish fixtures to make a Farmhouse bathroom design


I see a lot of design mistakes in choosing fixtures for a bathroom. I have a lot of experience in this field as I was once an industrial designer for a lighting company, so I am the right interior designer to advise you. For good bathroom lighting, forget all about exposed bulbs. It is not good for the eyes to see the light source directly and it does not make for good diffused lighting. In a bathroom, lighting must first be functional before being aesthetic. We want good lighting to get ready and look good! What could be more demoralizing than seeing yourself every morning under recessed lights that bring out all your dark circles that you don’t really have, it’s just that the lighting is bad! For the vanity area, you absolutely need wall sconces that will light up towards the face and in a diffuse way, so with a lampshade or a globe. You also need general lighting on the ceiling, this can be in the form of recessed lights or pretty castle or industrial style ceiling lights. I find this style works well with a farmhouse design. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, it may be worthwhile to also add a pendant light over the bath. A light fixture with a wicker shade can give your farmhouse bathroom a great look.


Incorporate rustic accessories to make the design of a bathroom Farmhouse


To finalize the design of your bathroom, do not forget the accessories, this is what gives the signature of your piece. For a Farmhouse bathroom, focus on rustic-inspired accessories like metal jugs or pedestal vases. I love completing my bathroom designs with a small rustic wooden stool placed next to the tub…it’s charming and practical. You can incorporate wicker baskets and dried wheat branches to add natural materials to your decor. For wall decorations, the trend right now is vintage country landscape and still life paintings.

In summary if you want to create a farmhouse style bathroom design you can choose a few of the following elements to incorporate; a wainscoting wall, hexagonal tile, pale and rustic wood for the vanity or pedestal sink, black hardware, rustic wood elements, neutral and natural colors, stylish fixtures and farmhouse inspired accessories.


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