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Who is Jessica?

Montreal interior designer

Meet Jessica

When I was a kid, my dearest birthday wish was to shop at Ikea. It was a heavenly day for me and I was buying new items for my room. Then, studies made me quit my parents’ home at age 17 and since that time I moved 7 times! I love moving since it’s the perfect excuse to do new decorating projects! My favorite part is to paint to see the effect of the colors that I carefully choose. I made such a wonder with my apartments that when I left my owners rented the apartment in one or two visits at the most, and they took the liberty of increasing the rent so much the demand was strong!

After completing my DEC in interior design and my BAC in industrial design, I turned my passion into my profession and started my own business. I love to help my clients make the most of their home to provide them with more well-being in their daily lives, according to their own needs and lifestyle. Because I sincerely believe that everyone deserves a home that resembles them and where it is pleasant to live.

Although design is a big part of my life and my father is a carpenter, I have several other interests and stories I’d like to share with you today! I do this in all humility and if you feel like it, don’t hesitate to write me here below. It will be a great pleasure to exchange with you!

I did part of my studies in France in a private school of Industrial Design.

After completing my interior design technique at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu CEGEP, I decided to pursue my studies and do a bachelor’s degree in industrial design at the Université de Montréal. During my third year of study, I had the chance to do a 6 month exchange student and I chose to go to Strate College, an industrial design school in Paris. I was super happy to be chosen and to arrive in Paris, but this cloud only lasted 24 hours. After my first night in Paris, all hell broke loose, first I got my bike stolen that I had bought to go to school so with all that, I was late for my first day of school. Finally, the next day I started to get sick, but really sick, I was able to do nothing. So I missed the first week of classes after only going to the first day where I was late. That was it, my reputation as the Canadian exchange student who is there just to party and skip class was made. I had to work hard to gain the trust of my teachers and show my level. I was really surprised to see that the students were very, very strong on the artistic side. We had a lot of drawing classes and although I was doing really well in drawing in Montreal (I was at the top of my class) in France, I could barely get a passing grade on my art projects. Ouch! On the other hand, on the technical side, with my explanatory drawings (plan, view in explosions, etc.) I was 2 levels higher than my colleagues… at least, it saved my life !

I loved visiting Paris and France during my weekends, because yes I was attending my classes. My favorite things about this city are the classics: the bakeries, the macaroons from Ladurée, the city with its parks and the incredibly rich architecture.

I also took the opportunity to travel around Paris. My mother came to join me at spring break and we went to London. I loved the style of London, the fish and chips and the tea rooms! Then after my studies I stayed a few weeks and I went to Switzerland to hike, what a beautiful country! My sister came to join me and we went to Normandy, Marseille, Belgium (for chocolate and Belgian fries).

Finally, the story ended well I got my passing grades and I returned to Canada grown and inspired!

I’m a big fan of cycling.

Cycling is always part of my family lifestyle. My father used to drag us around and with my sister and brother we loved to go on family outings! As teenagers, we hiked 40-50K easily and in mountainous terrain since we lived in the Eastern Townships. When I grew up, I bought a road bike and rode here and there until I discovered the bike clubs. I discovered the pleasure of riding in a peloton, what an adrenaline rush! I can’t live without it! I outdid myself and did rides of over 120 km. I did Montreal-Eastman by bike through the estriade … so nice to do as a circuit! Afterwards, with my club, we did the Montreal-Quebec classic in one day. I admit that I didn’t find it easy because we only had a small group of 4 people, but the accomplishment was worth all the effort!

I also participated 3 consecutive seasons in the ”48h Make to Wish Bike Challenge”. As a sub-team of 6 people, we raised over $50,000 for sick children and rode in relays for 48 hours. It was such a challenge that I am very proud to have picked up.

]I’m ayoungreal estateinvestor

As a designer, it is certain that I like houses and properties. I wanted to acquire a different experience by becoming a residence owner and by using my work as a designer in it. I have a few condos and a house that I rent. I had fun renovating and managing them. It really is a bonus in my work as a designer, I have a better understanding of the installation of diverse materials and the unfolding of construction sites!

I love to draw

Since a very young age, I adored drawing. It’s an activity I use to meditate and release my worries. I honed my skills with several drawing classes during my teenage years. Then, in college, I learned to excel using different techniques. I draw during my vacations, I always keep a small sketchbook in which I sketch objects or landscapes that I find on my way. I prefer drawing to painting since it’s easier to set up a bit, but I admit I’d like to improve my painting skills as well. It’s very useful in design, to have drawing skills so I can make quick little sketches to explain something visually to a client. However, most of the time, we use computer aided drawings to make our final renderings.

Quebec bridge work of art

When I ask a loved one to describe me, they are sure to say that I am positive, that I always see the best in a situation, that I influence them to focus on what is going well or small improvements that occur in their situation. I think it’s natural, I never had to work to be positive. Anyway, it helps me a lot in business too because starting and running a business brings a lot of challenges and risks so keeping a positive mindset is really beneficial. I admit that I can’t do it all the time, but when you love what you do it’s always easier to be positive!

I am unable to stay put more than 3 hours.

OMG! so much, I am very athletic and active every day. I always need to move to feel good and to free my mind. It’s not always easy to keep the balance during busy times, but I remind myself that this is the main thing. What’s the point of achieving ambitious dreams at the expense of our health and mood? To keep my balance, I like to go for a walk along the water’s edge or in the forest. I jog occasionally, bike of course, and enjoy all water sports (windsurfing, swimming, surfing). In the winter, I like to go cross-country skiing and I supplement this with strength training at the gym or at home.

When I have full days at the computer, I like to alternate my day with standing work sessions since my workstation is adjustable. It’s amazing, but I find myself being more focused when I work standing up! Ideally, I advise you to work about 1h30 in a standing position to get the benefits.

I was raised in the countryside andlove camping as well as outdoors.

My parents have lived in the Eastern Townships on a large wooded property since I was 6 years old. With my brother and sister, we had fun building little cabins and we each had our own stone house! My parents gave me the passion for camping, hiking and every outdoor sport. Nothing better to recharge your batteries than to be in the middle of nature.

I have been to most of the Sépaq parks in Quebec. My favorite trail in the Eastern Townships is the crest trail that passes through Mont-Orford and Mont-Chauve! I’ve also been to the Adirondacks once and loved sleeping in the 3-wall shelters, but we didn’t meet any little bears!

Ihave run two times Montreal OasisMarathon.

One can say that I like a good challenge! Running an entire marathon was indeed such a challenge for me. I had always dreamed to do it and I decided to read on the subject, realizing that it was accessible for everyone! You just need to be persevering and disciplined to succeed. Everything is a matter of training and rigor! I admit that I have had periods of discouragement and have had to use tricks to motivate myself during my long runs. For example, I would ask my sister to follow me on my bike partly to encourage me or when I did my ultimate 32 km run by myself, I chose my route and told my mom to pick me up at such and such a time at such and such a place. I had the motivation to make it in my scheduled time so as not to disappoint my mother, and I did.

The day I did my first marathon, it was a beautiful day in September, I was very motivated and everything was going well, I was running with the Rabbit from the 2:00 half marathon until we got to kilometer 21 and everyone was going back to Lafontaine Park and I had to continue alone. Wow, I thought why didn’t I sign up for a half marathon for a first race! I took some off in the next few kilometers, but from kilometer 32 I told myself that this is it from here on I can’t give up because I have just 10 km left. When I crossed the finish line, the feeling of accomplishment was so intense, I had a big smile on my face! I will always remember this moment.

Ihavealready beenlifeguard at theMemphremagog.

Beside liking to bicycle and to run, I am not bad at swimming! However, I have never done a triathlon and I have never been interested in competition. I did all my lifeguarding classes to follow my sister and mother’s example, but it wasn’t easy for me. I was having trouble with the rescue instep test, luckily I was given the lightest casualty on the test! But don’t worry, I was a very good rescuer anyway!!! I worked in campgrounds, at the water slides in Bromont and finally at the Magog Beach as a lifeguard! I did the most rescues at the waterslides because the kids are so excited that once they are in the water, they forget their ability to swim, so we just grab them with the pole, there is not one that escapes us believe me.

My parentsforgot me in a Walt Disneyride when I was 4.

When I was little, my parents brought us to Walt Disney with some friends. We were a whole gang of kids! In a tiny plane ride, we had to be two by two, but our group was uneven. Therefore, I did the attraction with a young girl I didn’t know. When everyone left the ride, I was unable to unfasten my belt. They were all leaving, and nobody was hearing my request for help! Finally, it’s the young girl that came back to free me as my parents were already gone in the street, in another direction. I ran to catch them up, I was panicked! I remember the scene like it was yesterday. Hahaha, but I do laugh a lot about it today and I wouldn’t trade my parents for nothing in the world. Maybe I would have become a Disney princess after all!



Curious about what an interior designer’s home looks like! So I’m showing you a little preview of my condo in Montreal.

Montreal interior designer

My room

Design roomroom deco

gold lampMoroccan carpet

Carpets : Babasouk

The kitchen

design kitchenkitchen designer

The lounge

designer homedesigner house


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