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If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom this year, this article is for you as I explain the new trends in bathroom design. In interior design, trends last about 5 to 7 years, which is already good. However, it would be a shame if you renovated your bathroom on the tail end of a trend and in two years your beautiful $30,000 bathroom is already outdated. This year, the watchword in interior design is texture. If you have read my article on kitchen trends 2022You will find that we continue with the same idea for bathroom designs, but with a slightly different twist. So right now I’m sharing my interior design finds and bathroom trends 2022. There will be a lot of new things this year!


1st bathroom trend of 2022: THE ARCHES


Have you noticed lately that there are more and more arch-shaped items in home decor stores, such as mirrors or wall decorations? I see them everywhere and I love them! It’s a soft and sophisticated shape that looks very different from the rectangular frames we see too often! In fact, the symbolism of the ark is an intermediary between the past and the future, the old to the new! Does it speak to you? Designers and architects have appropriated the arches to incorporate them into today’s décor and the result is absolutely extraordinary, there are virtually no limits.


Here are some examples of applications:

-Alcove shower without door


-Arched glass division for shower


-Mirror in the shape of an arch


-Wall Alcove


Secondly, arches can be found in all the derivatives of interior design such as furniture, materials, lighting and decorative elements. I’ve given you several examples of arch use, but to make a successful design you have to go with moderation!


2nd bathroom trend of 2022: WARM COLORS AND DARK WOODS

If you haven’t made the switch from gray to beige yet, well, 2022 is the right time to do it. In the field of interior design, I have already seen for 3 years that beige is slowly coming back to replace gray. It’s been a slow process, but now we’ve really got it! There are more and more materials such as ceramics and countertops in rich warm colors! I just repainted my open area in the cream color and I love it. It’s really warm and believe me, it’s not too yellow; I cut with ivories and whites. I recommend you choose beige ceramics for the bathroom floor and for the shower. I think it gives a modern Mexican bathroom feel.


With regard to the vanities, this year we will prefer dark wood with more character, such as oak. Walnut is still super trendy and it’s a durable wood so it’s practical to use in a bathroom. We’re even going so far as to integrate dark chocolate brown wood back into interiors in 2022! Imagine a chocolate brown vanity with gold handles, in a cream-colored decor, it would be splendid! My interior design tip for using dark woods is to go with moderation. Also, always integrate them with lighter, softer colors to create contrast and highlight certain elements.


3rd bathroom trend of 2022: SMALL SQUARE TILES

foursixty/ thelocalproject /perjansson

After mosaic tiles, herringbone tiles, large format and very large format tiles, we are back to something very simple in bathroom ceramics; the 4 inch by 4 inch square format tile! Size is important here because a 6×6 tile gives a low-end apartment effect and a 2×2 tile simply gives a mosaic effect. To use, apply it to the shower walls and booster by applying 3 or 4 rows above the vanity!


In interior design, two types of 4×4 ceramics are currently used. The first is a rather matte and uniform version of this ceramic. This gives a minimalist effect while adding an interesting texture, it’s perfect for a more contemporary decor. For the second type of ceramic 4×4, we speak of tiles chamarré and different shades. This gives a Moroccan effect and the ceramic versions are available in a wide range of colors; beige, green, blue, turquoise, red, etc. This is great for an alcove shower!


4th bathroom trend of 2022: WHITE PLUMBING

cotemaison / homelavafr / bedon-plus

We are seeing more and more varied choices in finish plumbing items. Matte white will be a big must this year! At first it sounds weird, but it’s really beautiful! It will give a charm and elegance to your bathroom design. You can choose white plumbing for all the finishing pieces in your bathroom such as the sink faucet, bath faucet and shower finishing plumbing. Matte white can also work well with matte black or brass finish, so it’s very easy to incorporate into a project. We will see more and more white in the field of interior design such as in faucets, but also in lighting and in some elements of interior furniture.

It’s not just white that will be popular! You can see several opaque colors in bathroom faucet choices such as soft green, blue and more. It can be a nice option to create a punch in a specific spot in your bathroom design. I really like Rubinet for their vast choice of colors available in their kitchen and bathroom products. Rubinet is a Toronto based company, you can buy their product at Ceragres or through an interior designer.


5th bathroom trend of 2022: OPEN SHOWERS

Cach year, shower trends evolve to eliminate more and more glass walls! The problem with glass showers is the maintenance. It’s so hard to keep a shower clean when there are 4 people a day going through it. On the other hand, if you have chosen a custom-made window made by a glazier, the quality is superior to the product found in large stores and it will be easier to maintain! Even so, I understand you want as little glass as possible in your shower design and the trend is for this concept, so you have a lot of choices.


The first option is to make the shower so large that you only need a small fixed glass wall to create a small division. If the screen is placed far enough away from the shower head, you might not even water it while showering, so it’s great for maintenance.


Another shower concept without glass walls is the alcove shower. That is, a ceramic walk-in shower with open access. It’s even better if the opening is an arch, it’s super trendy and beautiful.


6th bathroom trend of 2022: LIME WALLS

As an interior designer, my trick to a successful bathroom design is to make use of all the walls! I remember the phrase from my professors when I studied interior design in CEGEP; “Never leave a wall empty”! So I’m always looking for new materials to apply to the walls to give an interesting texture. In the bathroom, your first instinct will probably be to use ceramic. It’s a great idea, but sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming. I like to add wallpaper specifically designed for bathrooms. Lately, I have discovered the walls of thin layer of concrete, that is to say the lime walls.


There are different types of products to achieve this effect. If you are manual and would like to apply it yourself, you can buy the products at
Aube Design
. You must mix the powder with water and add a pigment. Then you need to apply it to the wall with a trowel to create texture. Follow the instructions of Tania Trudel.


If you are not the manual type, you can always hire a professional to apply the product or use the company’s ready-to-install products

Silex Element

This Quebec company offers products called “concrete skin” which are in fact large format panels where the concrete layer is already applied, so all that remains is to fix them to the wall. You can play with the sizes to create patterns, or just take the larger panels for a uniform effect.

If you opt for a lime wall or walls in your bathroom, it will enhance your design. You should also know that several concrete effect colors are available, from gray to beige to charcoal!


7th bathroom trend of 2022: THE COLOR GREEN

mercurymosaics/ abi / blog.scoutandnimble /

Greens will be in the spotlight this year, both in clothing and interior design. We will use mostly soft green shades that draw on warm rather than cold tones. We’ll also see a lot of forest green in our interiors, but we’re moving away from the dark emerald green of 2017. While I still love this color, it will give way to calmer, softer colors.


You have to be careful how you incorporate green into the bathroom. This is not the ideal color to paint the walls since it gives a green glow and you will look sick when you look in the mirror! Let’s just say it wouldn’t start the day off right! The best colors for a healthy look in the bathroom are peaches, pinks and reds.


So, here’s how I suggest you incorporate green into your bathroom. You can choose green ceramic tiles to create the entire shower walls or just a green accent wall in the shower. Another idea would be to choose a green vanity, it is very beautiful a vanity punched with color! If you want to renovate your bathroom while keeping a timeless look, choose green instead in accessories that are easy to replace like bath towels and carpet, adding some plants in pretty green pots and wall decorations with a touch of soft green!


In conclusion, interior designers are not going to be bored this year as we have an array of trends, materials and colors to create beautiful and trendy bathrooms in 2022. We look forward to working with the rich wood tones, tile and concrete textures, arches and original colors.

Challenge us to design your bathroom – we’ve got plenty of ideas.


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