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Interior design trends are always influenced by clothing fashions, but the difference is that they change more slowly and it is often small elements or colors that are more present from one year to the next! When you invest $50,000 to renovate a kitchen, you don’t want to do it every 5 years! Normally, a kitchen renovation has a lifespan of 20 years, after 20 years the materials start to be damaged and the style is quite outdated! There are always ways to make a timeless design that will pass the time, phough, sometimes it’s fun to dare a little in a decor to personalize it and make it unique and original! As interior designers we look for this kind of challenge, so I went on a hunt for the 2022 kitchen trends and it promises! Your kitchens will look better than ever with a mix of rich textures and colors! In addition, the manufacturers go out of their way to offer us top quality materials with sought-after designs! Without further ado, here are my interior design and kitchen trend finds for 2022.


1st kitchen trend of 2022: WARM COLORS AND DARK WOODS

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Although last year Panton released a stone gray as the color of the year 2021 (a questionable choice), this year we take interior design to a whole new level and dive into earth tones such as beiges, light and dark browns, terracottas and oranges. How will this color choice translate into the kitchen design? First, by integrating wood more and more into cabinetry, flooring and accent furniture. This year we will see all the wood tones reappear. While blonde woods are still popular, we’re going to see more and more darker shades like chocolate brown, walnut and mahogany. I know what you’re thinking! OMG not the chocolate brown, we’ve seen enough of it it’s way too dark! I agree, but this time it is integrated intelligently and smoothly. For example, we will see interior design layouts with a chocolate island and the rest of the cabinets in cream and with gold accessories! It doesn’t feel like the year 2000 at all. I swear, we are somewhere else! The designer trick is really to mix the wood colors with trendy tones like soft green, black or very light tones like white, ivory and taupe


2nd kitchen trend of 2022: DECORATIVE CANE DOORS

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What I love about the 2022 kitchen styles is the mix of textures and materials, it creates such interesting and unique designs! Caning is making a BIG comeback! Yes, yes! We will see it in all kinds of furniture as side chair, console, side table and also in the doors of kitchen cabinets, obviously! My advice as an interior designer is that when you incorporate a different material, there should be at least one reminder of that material elsewhere in the room. So for example, if you decide to put two nice cane accent doors in the kitchen cabinets, you can choose stools with a rattan seat to make the callback! Another very pertinent designer tip; don’t wallpaper an entire door wall in cane from top to bottom, that would be way too much!!! Although trends always come back as fashion is a cycle, it never comes back exactly the same, always with a modern touch!


3rd kitchen trend of 2022: VARIED PLUMBING COLORS

In keeping with the trend of incorporating multiple colors and materials into your kitchen in 2022, we are seeing more and more diverse choices in finish plumbing items. Matte white will be a big must this year! At first it sounds weird, but it’s really beautiful! It gives an assured charm and elegance to your kitchen or bathroom design. We will see more and more white in the field of interior design such as in faucets, but also in lighting and in some elements of interior furniture. Matte white can also be combined with matte black or brass finish, so it is very easy to integrate into a project.

It’s not just white that will be popular, you can see several opaque color shades in the kitchen faucet choices such as soft green, blue and all other colors. I love Rubinet for their vast choice of colors available in their kitchen and bathroom products. Rubinet is a Toronto based company, you can buy their product at Ceragres or through an interior designer.


4th kitchen trend of 2022: GLASSES

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Oh yes, skylights are back in interior design for 2022. We had put them aside these last years, but yet it is so beautiful and it also allows to make a kitchen wall much less massive by creating depth. The styles of canopies are truly limitless now with the types of materials available on the market. First, thin, black metal frame doors are popular. The interior finish of the canopy is also important to the style. In fact, we see a lot of black glass doors with the interior of the cabinets in wood, it is beautiful and original. We can even make the interior of the canopies in copper effect metal with integrated lights, the effect is incredible! The possibilities are endless, have fun.

The only disadvantage with glass cabinets is the maintenance of course. Shelves can become dusty. We also need to think about having beautiful dishes to display in the cupboard! I still recommend this type of design because the look is sensational!


5th kitchen trend of 2022: FINE STRIPES IN RELIEF

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This year in interior design we will see the integration of wood drums everywhere … in furniture, in kitchen cabinets and on walls! I really like this texture because it’s different from the shiplap that we’ve been using a lot in Farmhouse homes, but it’s still delicate so it’s easy to incorporate into any style of decor.

There are also different varieties to use. First, there is the classic drum made of small half-moon shaped wooden sticks assembled one after the other. The advantage of this material is that it is flexible so you can make rounded shapes! It’s joy because you’ll see that I’m talking about rounded shapes in my next trendy topic.

Another style of wood texture is a series of square sticks in vertical relief. You can do this type of custom design with a cabinetmaker in your area. On the other hand, more and more companies offer products already made in this style so it is more accessible. There is the Quebec company Woodzco, located in Beauce, which makes beautiful products in oak and walnut. Recently, Interbois has also released a very affordable version of this product offered in three colors; maple, oak or painted mdf for an opaque finish. Do not hesitate to contact your interior designer for more information about this product.


6th Kitchen Trend of 2022: THE ARCHES

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If you bought a 70’s home that had arches and didn’t tear them down, I’m jealous!!! The field of interior design has appropriated the arches by integrating them into a modern setting and it is quite breathtaking! Here are some ideas for integrating the arches. First, the gypsum arch can be used in a hallway or a division between the living room and the dining room. This creates a discreet and not too heavy division so it’s perfect for dividing open areas. In fact, the open space trend is coming to an end. We want bright houses where each room has its own function so that we feel more enveloped.

Another way to use arches can be with divisions/doors made of glass cut in the shape of an arch. For example, a shower door or a window accent in the house. In bathroom designs, we are also seeing less and less glass showers to make way for alcove showers. This is a ceramic walk-in shower with an open access without a door. The opening for the shower must be arched of course!

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Then the arches are declined in all the derivatives of interior design, such as furniture, materials, lighting and decorative elements. I’ve given you several examples of arch use, but to make a successful design you have to go with moderation!

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7th kitchen trend of 2022: THE COLOR GREEN AND THE COLOR MUSHROOM

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I saved my 2022 color trend predictions for the end of the blog since I wanted to keep your attention until then! In fact Pantone and Benjamin Moore have not yet released their color predictions for 2022. So I’m going to go with my interior designer’s intuition, justified by my observations of the big decoration magazines and what is done internationally.

First of all, greens will be in the spotlight this year, both in clothing and in interior design. We will use mostly soft green shades that draw on warm rather than cold tones. We’re also going to see a lot of forest green in our interiors, but we’re moving away from the dark emerald green of 2017. While I still love this color, it will give way to calmer, softer colors.

How to integrate green into your interior design project? Well for the design of your kitchen, you can integrate a green island. If you want to go more ”all in” I recommend you to make a complete wall of green cabinets, the result will be amazing! And as I mentioned above, you can incorporate green plumbing finishes as well, why not!

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If green isn’t your thing, another trendy hue for kitchen cabinet doors is mushroom. That is to say, a very soft and warm grey-beige (greige). It is a subtle color so it will age well over time compared to green which is really special… It’s certain that in 10 years you’ll say to yourself; wow, it was beautiful in 2022, but now I’m a bit jaded. That’s what happens with the big trends so as an interior designer I often advise going with more timeless choices, but adding the client’s personality.


In conclusion, interior designers are not going to be bored this year as we have an array of trends, materials and colors to create beautiful and trendy kitchens in 2022. We look forward to working with the rich wood tones, cane and stripe textures, arches, new style canopies and original colors. Challenge us to design your kitchen, there is no shortage of ideas. If you want to see more of our inspirations and achievements, visit
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