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blue and pink gradient wall

When we want to create a spectacular effect, it often requires big decorative objects and, in deco, the biggest it is, the costliest it is usually. But I have a few tips I use when I have a tiny budget and the effect is just as spectacular! So quick, I reveal them to you in an instant!


Fabrics, we find them cheap in specialized stores, at Ikea or online where there is even more choices. I like
this site
(American) . The trick is to choose a fabric with a BIG pattern and hang a square meter or more of it on a wall. For a completely bohemian effect, you can simply fix it to the four corners. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more sophisticated style, staple the fabric to narrow wood moldings on the bottom and top. The fabric will be tightened by the weight of the wood and you will be able to fix it to the wall more easily.

fabric accent wall


Shelves, they are not very expensive. Few people have the courage to have a finger in the pie and fix them to the walls, yet the result is impressive! It is worth it, I tell you, and we maximize the storage space too. Every time I decorate with shelves, I always get positive comments! So, the concept is simple, make a
wall of shelves. It takes at least two rows of two shelves long. Pay attention to where you locate the wall of shelves, it must not be dangerous to snag on them. The best is to affix them on the wall above a sofa, a counter or a buffet style furniture. Equip yourself with the right tools, screws and dowels to install the shelves, it must be sturdy! We find different choices of shelves at Ikea with very pretty squares. Garnish your shelves with decorative storage boxes, books, vases, pots and plants! Get inspired on Pinterest to dispose well your elements, it’s the very important final touch!

deco art


Big trend this year the gradient wall! It adds texture to our interiors and it is very charming! Gradients decline in several colors, such as pink, yellow and teal, the last one being really popular as a reminder of the sea and the sky. Blue is a calming color, so it is welcomed home! If you really are not skillful in crafting, I advise you to buy an ombre wallpaper that you will only need to install with glue. However, if you have a little artistic talent, go all out and follow my tutorial to recreate the desired gradient effect in the color you want!

blue ombre accent wall


Tapestry imitation stickers are an excellent solution for the apartment or condo because we can take them with us when we move. In addition, it is super simple to install. The Urban Wall tapestry, it’s vinyl cutouts of little to big formats that you arrange on your wall to reproduce the aspect of a wallpaper. Depending on the effect that you want to create (light, rich, etc.), you choose the amount of stickers to use.


The entry is definitely an important place where we want to create a good impression on our visitors. Here is a super simple, and practical to decorate a room, solution! A little tip: think about the practical side and avoid useless decoration, we need a maximum of space and mostly of storage! Affix a spectacular mirror in a style that you love. P.-S.: It is not obligated to fit in with the rest of the decor if the entry isn’t an open air space. Then, install a bold shelf, something in wood, it can be a piece of a recycled furniture, be
creative! Opt for squares of the same color than the mirror! Finally, install a pretty carpet to drop some shoes onto and don’t forget to unclutter. If there are too many coats and shoes, we relocate them in the bedrooms!

entry big mirror


We never have enough of those pretty black chalkboard! We can write on them little welcome messages, recipes, calendar activities or grocery lists! What is awesome, it’s that there is wall paint that gives the chalkboard effect and on which we can write with clear colored chalk and wash easily with a single cloth. We find that paint in big surface hardware stores. To achieve the visual impact, the whole wall must be painted. If you dislike chalk, there is a white-board imitation paint that harden and on which we can write or draw with markers! There is even one that gives a stainless steel aspect and is magnetic. Yes, we can transform the whole surface of a wall in a gigantic magnet for little fees!

Black board wall


I’m sure that you have in your computer very pretty pictures of trips or family that only ask to be exposed on your bald walls! I adore decorative frames murals that are personalized to your experience, it gives so much more life to your home. To make a frame mosaic, there is some rules to follow: use a minimum of two frames of the same color, use different formats, but in the same size family, create a dynamic and non-stiff disposition (see examples) Once you have chosen the frames and pictures, sit on the ground to do the combination. You can also cut pieces of paper of the size of your frames and place them on the wall to easily test your preferred design.

Frame mosaic


There is nothing better to give character to a room than to apply a dark color on it’s whole ceiling. The space must be wide enough to avoid creating a suffocating ambience! Except if it’s the bathroom, it’s pleasant to have a cocoon feeling in this room! For the ceiling, choose a matte finish and I recommend applying a colored base coat before applying the color.


Recycling isn’t ever very costly, but, let’s be honest, it isn’t always beautiful… Here is an idea to make an accent wall of storage that is at the same time aesthetical. We like that! To do so, you can use wooden pallet planks or an old slatted base from Ikea. First, fix two wood rods of at least 1 inch of thickness on the wall vertically. It’s on those supports that you’ll fix the horizontal planks. Then, get pretty pots and hooks to suspend them on your new mural support. For an even more personalized touch, use stickers and inscribe what each containers contain.


Chalkpaint, you know that? It’s a perfect paint to give a second life to a furniture. It’s simple to use and sticks to almost everything. Water based and with a matte finish, it allows to create an old-fashioned effect in no time! Available in 30 colors, we can buy it at Home Depot! You can apply two coats of different colors and wipe it or sand it to create a wear effect. Once the two coats of paint have dried, you must apply a natural wax that is ready in 24h but takes 30 days to harden. Try it once and you’ll want to repaint all your furniture!!


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