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The dream house that you imagine since you were a kid is in the city or in the countryside? Or like most families you opt for a house in Montreal and a chalet/dream house in the country near a lake? In your dream house, you

In this article, Jessica Locas presents her selection of favorites window dressings. She chose them for their style as well as for the practical and functional side. This guide will help you choose the best window dressing according to your needs.

Renovation is nearly the meeting between a neophyte client and a strange universe : the wonderful World of Construction and Renovation, with its laws, its language, its ambience and its culture. Undertaking renovation works will make you experience the visit of an exotic unknown country,

Each year, the most internationally reputed color institutes reveal the colors that will inspire deco trends throughout the year. These colors influence fashion as well as product conceptions. In fact, I'd say that trends in decoration are first influenced by dress fashion! Remember; when we

You have found your dream house on the south shore of Montreal and wish to highlight the full potential of this property? You have never collaborated with an interior designer and you wonder how it goes, what will be the unfolding and what experience you'll